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PAKISTAN is known for its biodiversity, including endemic wildlife species, and is home to spectacular wild animals and birds. Unfortunately, many exotic animals are on the brink of extinction.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Pakistani Ministry of Climate Change have compiled a list of critically endangered species. More than 50 species on the list are on the verge of extinction. These include snow leopards, bengal horned markhors, Marco Polo sheep, Ladakh urial, musk deer, brown bear, woolly squirrel, Indus river dolphin, tigers, cheetahs, golden mahaseer, green sea turtles, beaked vultures long, yellow-eyed doves, voles, caracals and mountain gorillas.

Climate change, anthropogenic activities such as habitat fragmentation, poaching, hunting, killing, and anti-environmental practices lead to extinction. The population in general must be aware of the importance of wildlife conservation. The extinction of animals must be treated seriously.

If these endangered species continue to disappear at the current rate, Pakistan will lose the magnificence of its landscape.

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Posted in Alba, September 3, 2022