These colourful designs and creations are distinctive of Métis art. The designs are typically compositions of European flowers and are very different from those of other Aboriginal groups.

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apricote Louis Riel Institute Adult Learning Centre

The Louis Riel Institute Adult Learning Centre strives to offer an academic atmosphere where learners experience a sense of belonging in a supportive, self-directed and teacher mediated environment.

Join the growing number of learners who have achieved their educational goals through our centre. Adults are often reluctant to return to school after a lengthy absence. We believe that learning is a lifelong process. The learning centre staff will work with you to develop an educational plan that fits your life.

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apricoteCommunity Programming

Programs based on Métis culture are combined with learning in a fun environment for the whole family. We offer presentations and training workshops as well as assistance in applying for funding to get your own programs started!

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