Wild Hearts trailer begins the hunt in February 2023

Koei Tecmo and EA have revealed wild hearts, a new hunting action game set in a world inspired by feudal Japan. And according to the game’s official reveal trailer, you’ll soon get your chance. wild heartsThe release date is February 17, 2023. The news of the game was first released during the 2022 Tokyo Game Show. At that time, Koei Tecmo announced that it was working with the American publisher Electronic Arts to create a new game. hunting. It is being developed by Omega Force, creators of the warrior dynasty titles and those of Koei Tecmo Toukiden hunting series.

review the wild hearts reveal the trailer below.

wild hearts takes place in Azuma, a fantasy region that is part of the “Far East”. The land is in danger from the rampage of the mighty “Kemono” (“beast” in Japanese). The beasts devastate the desert in their fights for territory, making Azuma uninhabitable for humans. The Kemono have designs inspired by real and fantasy creatures, including a giant boar that sprouts roots and branches from the ground when it attacks. Another squirrel-like beast can grow a flowering tree with its tail. The wolf-shaped Deathstalker is covered in frozen branches, and the ape-shaped Lavaback spews flaming debris from its fur.

Take a look at some screenshots from the game in the gallery below.

Players, however, have an advantage, the “Seed of Invention” which makes it possible to use tools and weapons to go toe-to-toe against the huge creatures. In game terms, this seems to take the form of a quick build mechanic, where hunters can use “Karakuri” technologies to create structures, devices, and fortifications. A player builds a tower of wooden cubes to climb and jump using a wooden lantern that unfolds into a helicopter-like glider device. Another creates a device that swings a massive hammer to knock a beast out of the air. Another tower acts as a harpoon, binding a beast and immobilizing it. Still others modify players’ weapons, such as a katana that deploys jagged electrical spikes or a transforming bow.

wild hearts is in development and will be released on February 17, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.