When all else fails, squirrel hunting remains an option for outdoor enthusiasts this summer

Kansas squirrel hunting season began on Saturday. [Josh Rouse/The Capital-Journal]

Between heavy rains shutting down fishing and camping in much of Kansas and turkey season ending Friday, outdoor enthusiasts may not know what to do with their time before June.

One way to enjoy time outdoors this summer that may not have been on people’s minds is to go back to basics and go squirrel hunting, as the Kansas season officially kicked off on Saturday.

The squirrel is often one of the first game animals that outdoor enthusiasts try to chase, along with rabbits, pigeons, quail, and other small game. They can be taken with a small-bore shotgun, such as a .410 or 20-gauge with a #4 or #5 high-velocity load, as well as a small-bore rifle: .22 Long Rifle, .22 Winchester Magnum or .17 rimfire cartridges are ideal. Other methods include air rifles, slingshots, air pistols, and even bows for those on target.