BARNEVELD, Wisconsin.– Want to see more deer and punch more tags this season? Try to take advantage of the experience and tactics used by highly effective whitetail hunters. Vortex®brings you knowledge and inspiration during “Deer Week”,Oct.-Nov. 31 4, 2022 (Monday to Friday)— a week full of white glue wisdom meant to help you stock your freezer and put more trophies on your wall.

Newsletter subscribers and followers on social media platforms can look forward to podcasts, reels, how-to blogs, and videos featuring exciting hunts and the tried-and-true whitetail wisdom of the popular Vortex.®hunting personalities. Upcoming highlights include:

  • Video: “How to assemble your white glue glazing kit” Vortex®Erik Barber presents his top optics for rifle hunting and archery.
  • Movies: “Hunting Breakdown of the Best Deer Hunters” The Hunting Public, Driven TV, Seek One and Heartland Bowhunter share the tactics and takeaways behind their most memorable hunts.
  • Blog: “Staff Picks: Midwestern Stag Rifle” Vortex®Brittani Owens shares her list of gear to battle the elements, along with entertainment options to pass the time on slow days.
  • Social: “Favorite Deer Camp Traditions” Vortex®staff and brand ambassadors share their favorite photos and video clips from deer camp.

Keep an eye out for these features and more, including daily social media fodder and a fun old-fashioned Wisconsin cocktail recipe for deer camp (after hunting hours, of course).

Readers and will be able to find all the Vortex®white glue coverage in the Vortex®Deer Week landing page and Instagram, Facebook, YouTube andTwitteraccounts A hashtag inspired by the event, #DeerWeek, will be used on Twitter.

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