Video of Timber Rattlesnakes Fighting Near Lake Monroe Goes Viral

Timber rattlesnakes are an endangered species in the state, but can be found in Brown and Monroe counties.  They often mix well with forest litter and fallen trees in wooded areas.

Nick Engler was out hiking in the Charles C. Deam Wilderness, just south of Lake Monroe, on July 24 with his dog. He expected an experience like his many other hikes through the wooded trails.

“It was a standard walk, not even near the water,” he said. Engler parked in the Grubb Ridge Trail parking area and traveled a mile down the trail.

A fallen tree crossed the trail and a smaller trail let hikers through. As they walked down the narrower path, Engler’s dog, Bumblebee, tried to turn and run.

Engler said he heard a rattling noise and saw what appeared to be two snakes suspended in mid-air.

Engler was about 30 to 40 feet away from two intertwined timber rattlesnakes that were pushing against each other as they reared up, headfirst, tails rattling.

“My brain couldn’t figure out what that was,” Engler said. “And I thought, yeah, that’s two snakes.”

They were timber rattlesnakes, and big ones. Engler estimated that they were about 5 feet long and “as big as a 1-liter Coke bottle. I was surprised they were suspended in the air. They were huge. I didn’t think snakes were that big in Indiana.”