Eagan, MN – The USA Clay Target League (USACTL) has partnered with the US Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH), an agreement that will provide athletes, parents and coaches with access to educational resources on health, safety and wellness to support and enhance education of the students. athlete health.

“The League’s priorities have always been safety, fun and marksmanship, in that order,” said USAACTL President John Nelson. “We are pleased to work with USCAH to provide educational programs that support the health and wellness of league athletes, parents and coaches throughout the county. They are highly respected and successful in working with schools and national sports associations like ours.”

The U.S. Athletes’ Health Council believes that creating a culture that prioritizes athlete health and safety is the responsibility of everyone involved in athletics, not just healthcare personnel. Athletes, coaches, parents, administrators, and officials should have at least a basic understanding of the health, safety, and wellness issues that are common in youth sports.

USCAH has created an online learning platform called ‘Athletics Healthspace’ that houses a growing library of courses that have been customized for youth sports and can be completed through the website or mobile app.

“We are excited to partner with the USA Clay Target League to collaborate and improve the health, safety and well-being of their participants. We look forward to working together to prioritize health and safety.” said James R. Borchers, MDMPH, co-founder and president of USCAH.

About USCAH The US Council for Athletes’ Health (USCAH) was founded on the apparent need within athletic institutions for trusted independent partners with the experience and expertise to advise and consult organizations regarding their health care delivery system. . USCAH is committed to providing independent and unbiased medical expertise to organizations and individuals dedicated to the optimal health and safety of the athletes they serve. For more information, visit

About USA Clay Target League With nearly 45,000 participating athletes in 2022, the nonprofit USA Clay Target League is the largest clay target organization in the United States. The League offers trap, skeet, sports clay, and 5-tier leagues to high schools and post-secondary schools across the country.

La Liga is the only 100% school-approved clay target shooting sports program in the United States. Each team must have school approval to participate. Most participating schools have tagging programs as well as yearbook inclusion for teams. Additionally, each year, the League and postsecondary institutions award tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships to qualified seniors.

The League’s co-ed and adaptive nature are key attractions for schools across the country: it is fully Title IX compliant with male and female athletes competing on the same team, and it is an ‘adaptive’ sport, allowing students to with physical disabilities participate.

The League’s priorities are safety, fun, and marksmanship, in that order. The League is the safest sport at the school, with no injuries reported since the League’s inception in 2001. Every athlete must complete firearms safety certification before participating.

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