Today’s Athlete: Becoming a Hunter Is a Gradual, Multi-Step Process | frederick county

For hunters young and old, squirrel hunting is a great start to the season, as well as a perfect introduction to the sport. For many, a squirrel in the bag is the first wild game brought into the field with a rifle or shotgun. A successful first squirrel hunt is the culmination of discipline, patience, and a practical demonstration of firearm safety and marksmanship. It’s the beginning of a journey that develops hunting skills that lead to successful hunts of more challenging game species such as wild turkey and white-tailed deer.

Introducing my children to hunting was an intuitive process for me, having grown up in a hunting family myself. My father was my mentor for hunting and fishing. My brothers and I were very fortunate to have a father as a role model who guided us on the path to becoming competent and confident shooters and, above all, ethical athletes in all our outdoor activities. My father wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Hunter Education Requirement

Traditional face-to-face course

Hunter safety online course

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