The National Rifle Association will celebrate August as National Shooting Sports Month.

The National Rifle Association of America today announced its support for the sixth National Shooting Sports Month, an initiative of the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF). Created by the NSSF to encourage participation in shooting sports and emphasize firearm safety, National Shooting Sports Month will take place throughout the month of August.

“The NRA is proud to once again partner with the NSSF to promote and support National Shooting Sports Month,” said Joseph P. De Bergalis, Jr., NRA Executive Director of General Operations. “We urge all NRA members to exercise their Second Amendment rights this month by participating in shooting sports, whether competitive or for recreational fun. Now is the time to bring a friend or first-time firearm owner as a mentor and introduce them to sports and practice the safe and responsible use of firearms.”

“Last year’s National Shooting Sports Month was a tremendous success, thanks to hundreds of shooting ranges and retailers across the country reminding people of the fun and excitement of target shooting,” said Zach Snow, Director of NSSF Shooting Range and Retail Business Development. “We are delighted to have the NRA join in the continuing celebration of shooting sports this year.”

Whether you’re an experienced target shooter, a hunter, or someone just interested in getting their first firearm and learning how to shoot, the NRA and NSSF invite you to get out on the range during National Gunmen’s Month. Shooting Sports so you can improve your shooting skills and firearm safety.

Also, be sure to “Like” the NSSF Facebook page to see how others across the country are celebrating this special event. The NSSF and NRA encourage you to share your National Shooting Sports Month experience on social media and use the hashtag #LetsGoShooting.

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