The Métis Flag

Flags have traditionally been important symbols uniting a nation’s people. During the course of their cultural development the Métis people have created and recognized several flags, two of which are most prominent.

Both of the two most common Métis flags feature the infinity sign. Like all great symbols, the infinity sign is open to varying interpretations. Some say it is represents the Métis as the distinctive unification of two peoples, the European and Indian. Others claim that infinity represents that the Métis nation is robust and adaptable and will survive forever.

The variation on the Métis flags featuring the infinity sign is the background colour, either red or blue. Some historical interpretations claim that the red background represents the colours of the Hudson’s Bay Company; while the blue background represents the Northwest Company. However, the red and blue suggest other symbolic connections as well. For example, the blue and white combination are similar to both Scotland’s national flag, and are also the traditional colours of Quebec. Whatever the interpretation, Métis organizations commonly fly either the red or the blue infinity versions of the flag to symbolize their community.