The first week of September means squirrel, pigeon and goose hunting in Ohio

Ohio's squirrel hunting season begins Thursday.

The squirrels can generate grudging admiration, sometimes even a laugh, with their circus act around backyard feeders. However, since the endgame is a serious matter of free meals, owners take offense at the notion that tree rodents get fat and saucy by gorging themselves on food pantries meant kindly for freeloading birds.

Many feeder fillers therefore look for ways to scare off invasive squirrels, usually without long-term success.

In reality, due to the unfair and brutal shell game of life, many squirrels are unlucky enough to be born outside areas where seemingly bottomless food dispensers hang in abundance. Mr. Bushytail on the fringes is required to work more diligently than his wily city cousins ​​to get the daily nut from him, but he’s no less likely to become food for hawks, owls, and other ravenous high-ups in the food chain. .