The 10 Toughest Characters Wonder Man Has Defeated In Comics

Simon Williams, Wonder Man, is one of the most tested members of the Avengers. Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in avengers #9, Williams’s ionic energy body gives him increased strength, durability, flight, and a limited ability to absorb and redirect nearby energy.

RELATED: Marvel: 10 Characters Baron Zemo Created In The ComicsThough Williams prefers peace and drama to fisticuffs and heroism, the powerhouse of the Avengers doesn’t often shy away from a fight. For the past sixty years, Wonder Man has used his world-class fighting prowess to take down everyone from members of the Masters of Evil to his teammates in the Avengers.

10 A Titan Down: Wonder Man punches Pym

A founding Avenger, Hank Pym, is a man who has had many names. With the powers of growth, shrinkage, insect control, and bioblasts (depending on the person), Pym led the Avengers, created Ultron, and defended Earth as one of the core members of his mightiest superhero team.

However, Wonder Man eliminated Pym with a single hit on writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby. avengers #9. As a member of the Masters of Evil, Simon fought against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. When Pym threw a rock at him, Wonder Man threw it and hit the scientist in the stomach, taking out Giant-Man.

9 Wonder Man stops War Machine

Loyal friend of Tony Stark, James Rhodes has left his legacy as the armed war machine. Wearing a modified Iron Man suit with the firepower he loves so much, Rhodey has defeated the enemies of justice in teams like the Avengers and Force Works.

in 1993 wonder man vol. two #23, writer Gerard Jones and penciler Jeff Johnson pitted the Ionic Avenger against his former teammate as a result of Mephisto’s machinations. The demon partially possessed Wonder Man, causing him to viciously slam his ally to the ground.

8 Disenchanted: Wonder Man kills Amora, the sorceress

Amora the Enchantress has been a part of Simon Williams’ life since her first appearance on avengers #9. An Asgardian with a gift for magic, Amora and her lackey Skurge have fought alongside the likes of Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil in pursuit of things like revenge, power, and Thor’s bed.

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The Sorceress and Wonder Man clashed in wonder man vol. two #2, written by Gerard Jones and penciled by Jeff Johnson. After Amora attempted to enslave Williams to gain power in Hollywood, Wonder Man broke free of his mind control. However, Williams beat the sorcerer after “beating” the West Coast Avengers in a mock battle, ending his campaign.

7 Starjammed: Wonder Man defeats the Starjammers

An integral yet underrated part of the Marvel Cosmic, the Starjammers are a group of interstellar pirates. Led by Corsair (Cyclops and Havok’s father), the team usually consists of the cool thug Ch’od, the vivacious pilot Hepzibah, the prickly swordsman Raza Longknife, and the sentient squirrel being Cr’reee, and they are often found working together. to the Shi’ar empress. Lilandra.

These characters collided with Wonder Man in Operation: Galactic Storm, a 1992 crossover in which the Avengers intervened in the long-running conflict between the Shi’ar and the Kree. As the Shi’ar-aligned Starjammers bring a massive bomb through our solar system, Wonder Man outmaneuvers the combat team to stop the transport of the weapon.

6 Ark-Offed: Wonder Man bests Arkon

The warlord of the extradimensional Polemachus, Arkon the Magnificent, is a classic Marvel character who has battled the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, the X-Men, and more throughout his 50-year history. With increased strength, speed, and specialized lightning, Arkon’s arsenal can give any Marvel hero a run for his money.

RELATED: 10 Ways The Avengers Are Completely Different In The ComicsOn another of his visits to 616, Arkon sought to defeat Wonder Man by playing him on film. As the rest of the West Coast Avengers were forced to stand aside due to the threat of Arkon’s nuclear explosion, Wonder Man traded blows with the malevolent monarch until he knocked Arkon to the ground.

5 Wonder Man breaks the abomination

The Abomination is one of the Hulk’s most enduring villains, a power-hungry saboteur who, after being exposed to gamma radiation, became a thorn in the side of the forces of the Marvel Universe forever. Emil Blonsky is one of Marvel’s most formidable villains, possessing all of the classic Hulk powers but retaining his intellect.

RELATED: 8 Weirdest Humanoid Characters In Marvel ComicsAlthough the Abomination is tough, Wonder Man is tougher. In a fight that spanned several pages, the two thugs got into a fight on a Hollywood movie set. The battle tested Williams’ strength and resolve, but in the end, a heavy blow to the head allowed Wonder Man to finish off the Abomination for good.

4 Imperius Wrecked: Wonder Man Surpasses Namor

Marvel’s Namor is one of the most arrogant and loudest comic characters. Still, his immense strength and durability usually allow the Crown Prince of Atlantis to be as nasty as he wants. Still, Namor typically flies on the side of the Angels, being an effective member of groups like the Avengers, the Defenders, the Invaders, and the X-Men.

RELATED: Marvel: The 10 Toughest Characters Namor Beat In ComicsIn a story that saw Namor’s villain Attuma brainwash several Avengers in a bid to gain the throne of Atlantis, Namor and Attuma met up to do battle on a floating platform. Wonder Man, Beast, and World War II hero Whizzer arrived to help Namor, but Attuma tricked Namor into fighting the group. Fortunately, Wonder Man was able to defeat the monarch.

3 Rage Reducer: Wonder Man subdues Red Hulk

General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross had dedicated his life to hunting down and destroying the Hulk by any means necessary. One day, that meant becoming a version of what he hated the most. After a period of villainy as the Red Hulk, Ross partially redeemed himself by serving in the Avengers.

When Wonder Man sought to redeem himself after an attempted takedown by the Avengers, the hero was ambushed by Red Hulk when Simon spoke to Captain America. However, Ross’s punches did not eliminate Wonder Man as Williams drained Ross’s gamma energy.

two Doesn’t compute: Wonder Man disarms Ultron

The robotic Ultron sits firmly at the top level of the Avengers rogues gallery, an iconic evil since his first appearance in avengers #54. A villain who grows more powerful with each successive appearance, Ultron has used his vast intellect, extreme durability, and armies of duplicates to threaten the Marvel Universe, even taking it over in some possible futures.

Despite Ultron’s demonstrated strength, Wonder Man took out the newly upgraded Ultron-11 in writer Steve Engelhart and artist Al Milgrom. West Coast Avengers Vol 2 #7. After helping Hank Pym reconcile with the benign Ultron-12, Wonder Man rescued the size-shifting Avenger from the evil Ultron-11, completely tearing the robot apart.

1 Grounded: Wonder Man Takes Down Captain Marvel

Today, fans know Carol Danvers as the high-flying Captain Marvel, confident leader of the Avengers, and protector of the galaxy. However, Danvers first took to the skies as Ms. Marvel, sporting a succession of less-attractive costumes but still a key member of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

When Wonder Man sought to destroy the Avengers, believing team violence would only breed more violence, he battled Danvers in her Ms. Marvel persona. The two former lovers had a massive fight in the sky above the ruins of Avengers Tower, which ended with Williams sending the Maiden of Power crashing to the ground.

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