Tagua Gunleather Selects Chevalier Advertising

Miami Florida – Tagua Gunleather, maker of fine leather, eco-leather, hybrid and kydex gun holsters announces its selection of Chevalier Advertising as agency of record. This partnership combines Chevalier Advertising’s decades of experience in branding, marketing and outdoor advertising with Tagua’s passion for affordable quality products.

Chevalier Advertising will help Tagua with public relations, media strategy, as well as e-commerce and email marketing as Tagua Gunleather increases its presence in the US market.

Leather cases have long been recognized as one of the most comfortable ways to carry, but in the modern age of domestic and international markets, they have a hard time. Local artisans can make excellent covers, but not on the scale or at the pace that the nation demands, resulting in higher prices. Factories produce many products, but without the soul and character that leather can provide.

Tagua Gunleather was founded as a collective of leather workers to meet consumer needs for something between the local craftsman and the soulless factory. Old world craftsmanship by true leather lovers is what sets Tagua apart from the rest.

About Tagua Gunleather: Tagua Gunleather meticulously constructs modern concealment and classic carry holsters using leather, eco-leather, and advanced modern polymers. Tagua Gunleather is best known as a bastion of handmade leathercraft in an era dominated by machine-made mass production. Leather is selected from hardened, field-raised cattle to create stronger covers, each with a unique character. Instead of computer programming, Tagua Gunleather uses skilled craftsmen to craft its sheath with a sense of leather that no machine can replicate. Pride of craftsmanship in every case.
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About advertising Chevalier: Located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, Chevalier is a premier full-service public relations, e-commerce, and advertising agency specializing in the marketing of outdoor, hunting, camping, landing, shooting, and law enforcement products. law. Comprised of a passionate and diverse team of outdoor men and women, current and former military members, hunters, boaters and golfers, Chevalier’s passion is the gateway to success for its members. Visit Chevalier-Adv.com