Squirrel hunting opens hunting seasons

Featured photo Wild squirrels in the woods can be hard to fool.

The blazing late-summer sun makes it hard to conceive of the idea that hunting season has opened. However, a quick check of the calendar confirms that squirrel season has been open for almost a week.

The season in Georgia runs from August 15 to February 28. But it’s hard to find someone who wants to take advantage of that early opening during the heat of summer. Most hunters wait for the first frost to look for bushy tails, while many others don’t bother until deer season ends in January.

However, squirrel hunting has a special appeal for many hunters. Those gray streaks running through the trees are often the first game many hunters cut their teeth on. That was especially true for sportsmen who grew up in the 1960s to 1980s, before whitetails were plentiful.