“Speaking Michif” Lessons in Michif-Cree for the Whole Family

How to use “SPEAKING MICHIF” at home and in the classroom:

Speaking Michif funded

Speaking Michif is an instructional DVD developed by the Louis Riel Institute to assist in teaching families the Michif language. The lessons are at a beginner level, on the theme of everyday family life. The lessons can be easily practiced at home since they involve everyday activities and conversations. The DVD can also be used in a language classroom.

Printable Resources to Accompany the DVD lessons

Lessons, games and activities to accompany the DVD (3.51 MB, PDF Format)

Speaking Michif

Module 1

Wa-nish-ka (0.81 MB, PDF Format)

Miit-shook! (0.45 MB, PDF Format)

Module 2

La Pchit Fii (0.29 MB, PDF Format)

Lii Pchi Gaar-soon (1.11 MB, PDF Format)

Module 3

Kay-kwaay Oo-shi-ta-yenn Anoosh? (1.88 MB, PDF Format)

Pa-piw (0.39 MB, PDF Format)

Intro – Taan-shi kiiya “The Hello Song”

Module 1

Aash-tum! Na-kii! Commands for Playing Games

Come & Stop

Api sil-vou-play – Commands for the Classroom

Let’s Play Musical Chairs

Let’s Read “Wa-nish-ka / Wake Up”

Reading Action Flashcards

How to fold a “Hotdog Book”

Let’s Read “Miit-shook / Eat Up”

Let’s Play a Board Game “Taan-shi Koo-koum”

Flash Cards “Apray Niiya Itwayk”

Taan-shi With Koo-koum

Module 2

Let’s Sing “La Pchit Fii”

Let’s Sing “Lii Pchi Gaar-soon”

Faamii “Let’s Learn About Family”

Let’s Play Household Bingo

More Household Bingo Words

Let’s Sing and Dance “Kish-pin Ki-sha-ki-hin”

Module 3

Let’s Read “Kay-kway Oo-shi-ta-yenn Anoosh?”

Let’s Play Charades

Let’s “Read Pa-piw / Laughing”

Let’s Write a Skit