Small game hunting and trapping seasons begin in West Virginia – My Buckhannon

SOUTH CHARLESTON, VA W. — Hunting and trapping seasons for several small game species are underway in West Virginia and provide great opportunities for new hunters and families to get outdoors during the fall and winter months.

Seasons for raccoon, ruffed grouse, cottontail, squirrel and several other small game species are open through February 28.

Raccoon hunting has a bag limit of four per night. There is no bag limit for catching raccoons. Hunters should find similar numbers of raccoons as they did last year during the upcoming season, and bloodhound hunters should be successful across the state.

The ruffed grouse season has a daily bag limit of four with a possession limit of 16. Habitat quality is the primary limiting factor for grouse populations, so hunters must focus their efforts on regenerating areas of wood from five to 15 years of age.

Cottontail season has a daily bag limit of five and the possession limit is 20. For the best chances of hunting success, hunters should seek out old-growth habitat and forest edges. in adjacent regeneration.

Squirrel season statewide has a daily bag limit of six with a possession limit of 24.

For a complete listing of small game and trapping seasons, hunters should refer to page two in their copy of the 2020-2021 West Virginia Poaching and Trapping Regulations, which is available from WVDNR District Offices, Agents license and online at