SK Customs® Launches “Premier Presidente” as the Second Edition of the Mexican War of Independence Series

SK Customs® continues to honor Mexico’s Independence with the launch “First president”, a tribute to the first president of Mexico, Guadalupe Victoria. As a limited edition production run of just 200 full-size government Colt 1911s chambered in 38 Super, the pistol marks the second edition of the Mexican War of Independence series.

Serving as a general, deputy, senator, and governor, Guadalupe Victoria, born Miguel Fernández y Félix in 1812, was a George Washington-type man of great character and integrity. “Guadalupe” arises from his dedication to the Virgin of Guadalupe while “Victoria” marks his desire to triumph in victory in the struggle for independence.

Each side of the firearm includes a beautiful custom scroll. The left shows a representation of the Virgin of Guadalupe, borders of floral patterns framing a dramatic illustration of Victory in Battle at the Ball Game, and a banner declaring it “Benemérito de la Patria”, which means “Benefactor of the Fatherland”.

The right side of the firearm shows Victoria’s sword thrown across a moat that insurgent soldiers dared not cross, including the quote, “My sword goes in pledge, I go for it,” translated as, “There goes my sword as pledge, I’m going for it! Guadalupe Victoria bravely swam across the moat and cut the rope of a bridge to allow troops into the city. The back panel marks a symbolic shield represented in the 1824 Constitution, which transformed Mexico into a federal republic.

The top of the slide features a portrait of Victoria in uniform naming him “Premier Presidente de México, Guadalupe Victoria”. The area in front of the rear sight represents the Coat of Arms of the Mexican Federal Republic by decree in 1823 Águila, and below is the cross of the Presidential Coat of Arms.

SK Customs® takes great pride in commemorating this rich piece of history. The frame, slide, barrel, and hardware of this custom pistol are highly polished and feature silver plating on select areas of the slide and hardware components. This historic masterpiece is complete with pearlite grips that feature the iconic Rampant Colt’s silver emblem, as well as an engraved special edition number.

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