Shue, Others Mark Repeat Wins During 2023 National Matches Pistol Attaches

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – Though packed with hundreds of talented athletes, the 2023 National Matches Pistol Aggregate series at Camp Perry saw many returning winners, with some new names rising to the top.

Facilitated by the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) each year on the historic grounds of Camp Perry Training Facility in Ohio, Pistol Aggregate events feature .22, .45, and Center Fire 900 Aggregate individual and team matches along with a culminating Pistol 2700 Aggregate for those shooting in all three categories. Awards for the best performers of the matches are distinguished between military and civilian competitors, as well as Any and Metallic sights. Ranking honors for High Master, Expert, and other marksman levels offer more reward opportunities for participants down the line.

Jonathan Shue, 42, of Liberty, North Carolina, with a score of 1757-87X, won the Steve Reiter Cup as the winner of the Pistol 2700 Any Sights Aggregate for the second year. Shue remains the sole winner of the trophy, having been victorious at the 2022 National Matches when the award was first presented. En route to his 2023 victory, Shue found the overall spot in the centerfire pistol aggregate and the overall highmaster title for the second year in a row.

Shue teamed up with William Palmer, 54, of Matthews, NC, to make the Cabot Guns team in the 2-man tag team event, posting a score of 1163-48X for first place. The pair commanded the competition, winning by more than 20 points.

Tanya Chowdary, 16, of Belle Mead, NJ, who earned notable repeat ratings on the Pistol 2700, was the overall Any Sight Junior with a score of 1670-49X, and 1LT Lisa Emmert Traciak, 27, of Colorado Springs, CO, who earned the Any Sight Woman title with a score of 1701-64X to finish at 27th.he place among the field of more than 300 competitors.

SSG Mate Standard, 34, of Waverly Hall, GA, was the overall winner of the Pistol 2700 Metallic Sight match with 1717-50X, while CPT Ames Evans, 30, of Columbia, MD, topped the .22 Rimfire match with 1723-64X.

Other notables who found success in the Any Sight 900 Aggregates this year included Roy Dean, 67, of Bandon, OR, at .22 and John Zurek, 60, of Alpine, AZ, at .45. Ranking honors included (Master) SSG Christopher Hudock, 33, of Columbus, GA, (Expert) CPO Charlie Petrotto 38, of St. Louis, MO, (Sharpshooter) Robert Feldmeyer, 44, of Queen Creek, AZ, and (Marksman) 1SG Sonny Pearman, 37, of Crawfordsville, IN.

Finding victory in the 4-man pistol team aggregate to win the TD Smith Memorial Trophy, also featured at last year’s event, was AMU – Blue. The team consisted of members of the US Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU). SSG Carl Clegg, SFC Ryan Franks, SFC Joshua Kingery, SSG Christopher Hudock and SFC Greg Markowski helped to a collective score of 2324-106X.

Both AMU–Blue and Cabot Guns also led the 4-man and 2-man team results, respectively, in the Center Fire and .45 Pistol team events during the week.

Kicking off the National Matches, a Pistol Warm-up Match was held at the beginning of the shooting phase, with last year’s SFC winner Greg Markowski, 49, of Fortson, GA, clinching overall victory in the Any Sight portion by a score of 889-50X. Last year’s .22 Rimfire winner CSM Steven Slee, 59, of Dimondale, MI, found a repeat victory in the event, while Richard Kang, 56, of Delmar, MD, emerged to lead the Metallic Sight competition. Kang is a highly decorated pistol shooter, triple distinguished in the service pistol, revolver and .22 rimfire pistol disciplines.

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