Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc TPU Straps

The Sea to Summit Stretch-Loc TPU Strap Set is a fresh take on a well-established accessory. We’ve used leashes like these before for everything you can think of in and around camp and while hunting. These straps come with one differentiation: the strap retainer, which serves as a non-slip tool to keep the strap solid on whatever you attach it to.

I first heard about this from friends who were seriously interested in skiing, climbing, and biking. This version with the strap retainer allows you to secure any item to a hard surface. A couple of games of these will become an important part of our team in the future. We were able to take two of these straps and secure our shovel to the side of the Tacoma’s roof rack. This kept the shovel out of our way on a recent turkey trip and was stuck in the side of the truck for the rest of the turkey season.

I would have no problem recommending these straps to anyone who needs to secure gear etc. Securing that scoop to the side of the roof rack and running up and down dirt roads without any shifting, movement, or rubbing on the roof rack or scoop proved to me how secure these Stretch-Loc straps are. Knowing this, I’ll never be in a situation where these aren’t in the gearbox ready to deploy if we need them. These are strong, sturdy and better than elastic straps hands down.

Order directly from Sea to Summit.


  • Stretchy, grippy TPU material prevents secured items from slipping
  • Adjustable, strong and secure straps with anti-slip positive buckle
  • Quick and easy to tension and lock securely in place
  • TPU Keeper Strap attaches Stretch-Loc to cradle, providing a grippy, cushioning surface
  • Keeper Strap protects items from scratches and retains excess strap
  • Two or more straps can be linked together to increase the length.
  • 4-pack includes sizes: 15-inch, 20-inch, 25-inch, 30-inch
The right tool to tie down anything securely.