Rick and Morty season 6 has an updated opening you can watch right now

The Rick and Morty season 6 opener is now available to watch before it premieres, teasing new enemies after the chaotic season 5 finale.

Before the return of the program, rick and morty The updated season 6 opening is now available for fans of the Adult Swim series to watch. The adult animated series has gained a cult following since its inception in 2013 and has spawned multiple spin-offs, the first of which, The Vindicators 2released earlier this year. rick and morty season 6 will premiere on September 4 on Adult Swim, and the showrunners promise that this season will have more continuity and canon.


Wormageddon, a global attack by giant alien worms on earth, has been used in clips and promos to provoke rick and morty season 6, with the Smith family joining old allies like Mr. Nimbus and Squanchy. A treasure hunt in real life has created more excitement for rick and morty season 6, and viewers have to work together online to discover the locations of the Wormageddon statues around the world. While it’s unknown if Wormageddon will actually play a big role in season 6, it does tease a larger power into play that has the ability to seemingly teleport worms and the Smith family and their allies.

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On the Adult Swim YouTube channel, the rick and morty The season 6 opener teases new adventures as the Smith family takes on the universe after a destructive ending to season 5. New clips in the intro include a ferocious giant flying squirrel, a parody of Sherlock Holmes, a variant of Morty made of butter and Rick’s parade balloon, notably carried by clone Beth. Though there’s no sign of Evil Morty or Wormageddon in the new opening, it teases the Smith family having to work together after the destruction of the Citadel of Ricks and the Central Finite Bend. Take a look at the new intro below:

rick and morty The showrunners have recently said that a new season will be released every year, which makes sense as to why season 6 seems to be more planned and has better promotion. Since the show is likely to get at least five more seasons, thanks to its 70-episode renewal order, five straight years of rick and morty seasons is a lofty goal but an exciting prospect for fans of the series. rick and morty It already has the next two seasons in production, so the showrunners are off to a promising start by delivering one season a year.

With the promotions and early release of the rick and morty updated season 6 opening, many will surely feel that it is taking a step in the right direction to promote new seasons and engage viewers in real life. While the new introduction doesn’t reveal much new information, it does tease further collaboration between the Smith family and the continuity promised by the showrunners. Rick and Morty will be taking on adventures without the same universe-going capabilities as past seasons, and season 6 is being set up to give the Smith family a run for their money with powerful enemies and unknown travel circumstances as it premieres on the 4th. of September.

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