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apricoteAdditional Children’s Titles

The Little Métis Series has been developed to meet gaps in Métis themed children’s literature. The series will have new books continually added to it, always striving to present Métis children with themselves in books, both historic and contemporary. Many books are created to meet the specific needs of programs or communities.

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apricoteIllustrated Métis History Series

The following books were created by the Louis Riel Institute for use in teaching school aged children about Métis history. All titles are available in French and English.


  • Louis Riel
  • Louis Riel and the Resistance of 1885
  • The Buffalo Hunters
  • Cuthbert Grant and the Battle of Seven Oaks
  • The Métis Nation
  • Times of Trouble
  • The Life of Big James McKay
  • The Upper Fort

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apricoteResearch Titles

  • Métis Veterans of Manitoba: From Buffalo to Battlefields
  • The Battle of Seven Oaks: A Métis Perspective
  • The Boundary Commission’s Métis Scouts: The 49th Rangers
  • Women of the Métis Nation
  • Métis Firsts in North America
  • Veterans and Families of the 1885 Northwest Resistance
  • The Métis – Memorable Events and Memorable Personalities
  • Louis Hébert and Marie Rollet – Canada’s Premier Pioneers

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apricoteMétis Educational Resource Kit

Our Métis Educational Resource Kit comes chock full of resources for all grades! Includes picture books, educational books and history texts. Academic articles are included in the Teacher’s Guide along with artifact photos and information. Help your students understand the fur trade with samples of real furs, sinew, deer hide and Hudson’s Bay blanket. Each kit also includes iconic Métis symbols such as a sash and the Métis flag. Above all, the Métis Educational Resource Kit is a way to complement the curricular needs of your students to learn about the Métis and have your Métis students see themselves in your resources.

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