Red Dead Redemption 2 Squirrel Statues Locations – Where To Find All Squirrel Statues

Do you want to know where to find all the squirrel statues in Red Dead Redemption 2? Red Dead Redemption 2 has a lot of activities to take part in apart from following the main story chapters. It’s Art is an achievement/trophy that marks one of those side activities, and it’s a strange one that tasks you with hunting down a moving squirrel statue. However, you’ll also need to complete a few other steps to unlock It’s Art, which makes this a particularly difficult achievement/trophy to obtain.

In this guide, we’ll explain each step you need to complete to earn the It’s Art achievement/trophy, including the fixed squirrel statue locations that appear throughout the quest.

How to complete the It’s Art trophy/achievement

  1. Your first task is to complete a total of five hunting requests.
  2. To pick up a hunting request, interact with the corresponding poster at one of the post offices in a major city.
  3. When you complete a hunt request and turn it in, you will receive another.
  4. To make life a little easier, it’s recommended that you first craft the Legendary Buck Trinket, which increases your chances of collecting the pelt you need on each hunt.
  5. After completing five hunt requests, you will receive a request from Mrs. Hobbs.
  6. Talk to her and she will give you something called a squirrel statue.
  7. Place the squirrel statue above the fireplace in Beecher’s Hope.
  8. When 24 hours of gameplay have passed, you will notice that the squirrel has disappeared.
  9. Your task now is to locate the missing statue somewhere on the ranch and place it back on the fire.
  10. Once you’ve repeated this process a total of five times, it will appear on top of Mount Shann.
  11. Travel there, collect the squirrel statue from the top of the mountain, and you’ll automatically unlock It’s Art!

This one gave us a huge headache to figure it out, but it helped a lot to make use of the video we posted earlier. If you are having a hard time following the instructions, please watch everything as it explains things very clearly.

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