Red Dead Online: Best Squirrel Hunting Locations

Trying to catch some squirrels in RDO? Here are the best places to find them.

Squirrels are a small game animal in Red Dead Redemption 2. They are one of the animals that can earn you Rank 7 in Survivor Role by hunting them consecutively, and despite being small, there are several valuable components that can be salvaged from a successful kill. . These facts already make squirrel hunting a popular pastime in RDR2. Still, since they also commonly appear for Daily Challenges in Red Dead Online, there’s even more incentive to purchase a Squirrel Tail souvenir.

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Squirrels are remarkably adaptable, with healthy populations throughout the American West, from Ambardino to the southernmost reaches of New Austin. They’re not hard to find, but they are, well, squirrels. You’ll need to be quick and precise to catch these agile critters, and you should start off with a lot small game arrows to increase your chances of a perfect kill.


squirrel locations

new austin

Squirrels can be found throughout the Gaptooth Ridge, Rio Bravo, Hennigan’s Stead, and southern areas in Cholla Springs to the town of Armadillo. Still, there are several places where you can find chipmunks in higher concentrations throughout the desert.

  • At Gaptooth Ridge, the best you can do is survey the lands to the west and south of tumbleweed town.
  • the westernmost banks of the Rio Bravosouthwest of Plainview, are also a good place, as are the lands between Fort Mercer and Rio Del Lobo Rock.
  • Hennigan’s Stead is probably the best region to hunt squirrels down in New Austin. Try the northern and central areas, as well as the lands along the St. Louis River waterfront. You can also find them gliding down Stillwater Creek, Thieves’ Landing, and the island that separates the landing from Quaker’s Cove.

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elizabeth west

  • It’s the same story in West Elizabeth, with Squirrels happily stocking up on nuts all over the tall trees and the great valley regions.
  • You are also likely to find squirrels in the Great Plains, southeast of Blackwater on the shores of Flat Iron Lake.


  • The entire section of the dakota river running through Ambardino is a safe bet, as is the entire Cumberland Forest.
  • There is also a sparse population of squirrels going about their business around the western half of the Grizzlies East.

new hanover

Roanoke Ridge is by far the best region for squirrel hunting throughout New Hanover. They can be found from border to border and as far west as The Heartland Oil Fields.


As with the rest of the American West, where squirrels are found in Lemoyne, they tend to flourish. You can find them running around the scarlet meadows.

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