Pope and Young proudly presents the Kevin Hisey Youth Program

New Program Honors Former CEO Kevin Hisey

Pope and Young, the main arc hunting organization of the United States, is pleased to announce the development of the Kevin Hisey youth program. These programs are designed to increase opportunities for young people within Pope and Young and their conservation efforts focused on preserving, promoting and protecting the sports hunting sport.

Pope & Young is dedicated to promoting the sports hunting sport with today’s young people through the dissemination, the Junior Outdoors program and the Bowhunting Youth Awards. The objective of all these initiatives is to expose young hunters to the joys of the arc hunt for fair persecution, hoping to create arc hunters for life.

The Kevin Hisey youth program is named in honor of Kevin Hisey, a very respected employee of Pope & Young since 1992, and former executive director for 15 years, the longest in that role in the history of Pope & Young. Kevin, who had a passion not shared by arc hunt and youth participation, died in 2015.

“Kevin was a passionate Bowhunter and conservationist, dedicated to preserving the history and heritage of arc hunting, and promoting the ethics of fair persecution,” said Kurt Ebers, president of Pope & Young. “He was an official meter, a senior member of the Pope & Young Club, and was always involved in the youth activities of the organization, and we could not be more proud to name the youth program in his honor.”

The recently developed Junior outdoor program is possible through associations with private donors, and rewards great games of games and other prize packages to Pope & Young Youth Youth annually.

Like their adult counterparts, Pope & Young Youth members are eligible for their own awards program through Bowhunting Youth Awards. Three Bowhunting awards were created specifically for youth members, First Harvest, Youth Big 3 and Small Game Slam.

“There are tons of reasons why a young hunter must join the Pope & Young, and be active,” said Ricky Krueger, youth director of Pope & Young. “They will be in a great company to advance their arc hunting skills and interact with other arc young people from all over North America.”

For more information about Pope & Young Youth programs, visit the following pages: membership or register information, Junior Outdoor Program or Bowhunting Youth Awards.

About Pope and Young:
Pope and Young is the main conservation organization of North America Hunting. If you are a fair persecution, Ethical Bowhunter, and you care to preserve the culture and future of the arc peel, then you belong to the Pope and young people. Join today at www.pope-young.org.