Ol’MAN Alumalite CTS and Multivision Climber Brackets

Agility and versatility are paramount for the hunter to successfully hunt whitetails in the woods. Sometimes a hunter has to hit the ground and find a prime spot. Even then, the tree within the area may not have the correct setup for the tree, forcing the hunter to improvise. There are no better solutions for running and gun hunting than a lightweight, adjustable climbing brace. None beat the versatility of the OL’MAN Alumalite CTS or the Multi-Vision mount.

The AlumaLite CTS provides a highly portable, multifunctional shooting platform for all day comfort. The stand can be configured with the classic OL’MAN straight bar or the included reversible thumb rest/butt rest to fit both bow and gunhunters. The mount features a 21-inch wide ComforTech™ seat, designed for long periods while hunters wait for the perfect moment when a passing deer. A super strong, lightweight oval tube and improved cable system make for an efficient and quiet setup. The stand also features swivel and extendable arms for secure attachment to trees of various sizes. The lighter-designed 18 × 32-inch foot platform provides plenty of room. Tube-style foot straps provide easy entry and enhanced grip. At just 21 lbs. total weight, the stand is easy to carry wherever you go.

The Multi-Vision Climbing Stand is three tree stands in one! It can be configured with the classic OL’MAN straight bar that is flat and compact. Or, hunters can use the included reversible gun rest/footrest to configure the stand for gun and bow hunting. The Multi-Vision series features one of the quietest climbing stands on the market and continues to be OL’MAN’s best-selling tree stand. With a 21-inch wide net seat and a total support weight of 29 pounds, it can be easily transported to the most remote hunting locations.

While OL’ MAN Alumalite Climbing Brackets are reliable and durable, hunters should always keep in mind that a strong and secure connection to the tree is essential. Routinely inspecting the cables that secure both pieces of your stand to the tree and making sure the safety pins are in excellent condition can make a world of difference in the woods.

Fortunately, replacing well-designed cables for your Alumalite climber is easy and inexpensive. The 46-inch replacement cable for the Alumalite CTS and the replacement cable for the CTS Grand model are always available for separate purchase. Compatible with 2013 and newer mounts, the cables feature a tubular-shaped loop that always slides into the mount arm in the proper position, allowing for easy insertion of locking pins. Simply slide the cable into the appropriate adjustment hole in the arm based on the circumference of your tree and lock the pin. A replacement set of two Multivision bar cable pins are rubber coated to make it easy to walk quietly, change pin positions or climb.

hang there. Hunt hard. Safe hunting.

Alumalite CTS Specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 21 lbs.
  • Platform: 18×32 in.
  • Seat width: 21 inches.
  • Model Number: O-013-00

Multi Vision Specifications:

  • Material: Steel
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 29 lbs.
  • Platform: 18×32 in.
  • Seat: 21 inches. wide net
  • Model Number: O-004-00

Replacement Accessory Model Numbers:

  • 46″ Alumalite CTS Cable Replacement Kit: O-104-AA
  • 50 in. Alumalite CTS Grand Cable Replacement Kit: O-104-AG
  • Rubber Coated Multi-View Bar Cable Plugs: O-105-CP

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