Ohio hunters can enter lottery to hunt on public land in July

Controlled whitetail deer hunts will take place this fall on public lands in Ohio, and those who wish to participate must enter a lottery this month.

Summer marks a break for hunters in Ohio, but the arrival of July sounds like a possible call to action.

Last weekend’s sighting of a Holmes County deer with oversized, velvet-covered antlers offered a reminder that summer exploration can lead to fall trophy hunting. The sighting also served as a reminder that, planted on private land, the male is likely to be pursued by only a handful of select hunters, if any, this fall.

Access to hunting land is an issue for most of those without their own property, so controlled hunting spaces on public land attract considerable interest, especially considering that there are substantial numbers of deer and other game. on some of the sites.

This month, the Ohio Division of Wildlife is accepting applications through the Ohio wildlife licensing system at wildohio.gov for a variety of 2022-23 hunts, involving not only deer but also waterfowl, doves, pheasants, squirrels and quail.

Applications for an archery or gun hunt series can be submitted through July 31 for a non-refundable $3 each. Applications can be submitted by phone at 800-703-1928 for an additional service fee.

Places will then be determined by lottery in early August from among eligible applicants.

Applicants must have a valid hunting license and, in the case of whitetail hunting, a deer permit. There are additional site-specific rules.