NWTF Leadership Issues Conservation Week Challenge

EDGEFIELD, SC—The National Wild Turkey Federation’s second annual Conservation Week, which continues through September 24, is a time to celebrate the many conservation accomplishments made possible by members, volunteers, staff and partners. dedicated to the organization. It is also a time to encourage all outdoor enthusiasts to make a difference, even in the smallest ways.

That’s why NWTF Co-Executive Directors Jason Burckhalter and Kurt Dyroff are issuing a challenge to the NWTF herd and the outdoor community.

“The NWTF flock cherishes our beloved wild turkey and we are united in our passion and dedication to the outdoor lifestyle,” said Burckhalter. “NWTF local chapters and the chapter system are the lifeblood of the NWTF’s grassroots mission work. So this Conservation Week, Kurt and I challenge everyone to become a member of the NWTF, get involved and support our chapter system, and also get out in nature and share that love of the outdoors with others.”

Throughout the year, NWTF chapters carry out countless conservation projects, such as planting food plots and trees. The chapter’s efforts also have a strong focus on educational outreach by hosting events for those who want to learn more about hunting, fishing, outdoor skills and more.

In addition to the Conservation Week challenge to engage with a local chapter, the NWTF will share its conservation accomplishments, organizational milestones and ongoing initiatives, all uniting the mission of conserving the wild turkey and preserving our hunting heritage. Highlights will incorporate NWTF’s Big Six of America’s wildlife conservation, showcasing recent research funding and wild turkey content that captures the essence of the American hunter’s soul.

The week will conclude on September 24, National Hunting and Fishing Day.

To find a chapter near you or locate events celebrating Conservation Week and NHFD, visit nwtf.org.

About the National Wild Turkey Federation

Since 1973, the National Wild Turkey Federation has invested more than half a billion dollars in wildlife conservation and has conserved or enhanced more than 22 million acres of critical wildlife habitat. The organization continues to advance wildlife conservation, forest resiliency, and robust recreational opportunities across the US by working across borders at the landscape scale. Today, the NWTF is investing heavily in wild turkey research to ensure the future of wild turkey populations and is working to ensure Healthy Habitats and Healthy Crops.