NWTF Indiana pledges more than $299,000 for Healthy Habitats. Healthy Harvests. in 2023

EDGEFIELD, SC — The Indiana State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation met recently in Indianapolis to review Hunting Heritage Super Fund project proposals for 2023 funding awards.

After the review and ranking process, the proposals were submitted to and approved by the Indiana Board of Trustees. The Board of Directors budgeted $268,056 for conservation projects with $219,556 funded from Indiana NWTF tuition revenue and the remainder funded through the Super Fund. The board of directors also approved $31,100 for Hunting Heritage-related projects, including educational outreach events, chapter scholarships, and support for 4H Shooting Sports.

“The Indiana State Chapter and our Indiana volunteers are dedicated heroes to the NWTF mission,” said Ryan Boyer, NWTF district biologist for Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. “For evidence of this, you need look no further than their recent research support, habitat projects, equipment purchases, guided hunts, and other major outreach events. Funding for our catering system, as well as our NWTF tuition, are critical to the successful delivery of our conservation programs in Indiana.”

NWTF conservation project award funding will be matched with $700,000 in partner funds or grants for approved projects, representing a more than 2:1 match ratio for NWTF project funding in Indiana.

These projects will conserve vital habitat in Indiana. Financing includes:

  • $21,000 for the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge to improve wildlife openings on 570 acres.
  • $43,000 to help Patoka Lake Reservoir with the purchase of a new tractor to manage at least 250 acres per year.
  • $7,500 to Willow Slough Fish and Wildlife Area to assist with oak savannah restoration on 25 acres.
  • $25,000 to the Tri-County Fish and Wildlife Area to assist with the purchase of a mulching unit attachment to improve at least 250 acres annually.
  • $2,341 to LaGrange County Parks to help purchase prescribed fire equipment to improve 178 acres.
  • $10,000 to Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge to help treat non-native and invasive species on 100 acres.
  • $25,000 for the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s Fish and Wildlife Private Land Partners program to restore breeding habitat in northern Indiana.
  • $5,588 for the Wabashiki Fish and Wildlife Area to help restore forest wildlife openings on 32 acres.
  • $10,000 to the Glendale Fish and Wildlife Area to assist with timber improvement and treatment of non-native and invasive species on 70 acres.
  • $20,127 to Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge to help restore 223 acres of native grasslands.
  • $50,000 to assist the Jasper-Pulaski Fish and Wildlife Area with the treatment of non-native and invasive species on at least 100 acres.

The following projects support hunter education, outreach, and access efforts in Indiana. Financing includes:

  • $11,000 to support the National Archery in Schools Symposium and Program in Indiana.
  • $3,500 for Jakes events.
  • $2,000 to support the Indiana DNR Youth Camp.
  • $2,500 for Learn to Hunt and Field to Fork events.
  • $2,100 towards Women’s Outdoors and Wheelin’ Sportsmans events.
  • $4,000 for local scholarships.

About the National Wild Turkey Federation

Since 1973, the National Wild Turkey Federation has invested more than half a billion dollars in wildlife conservation and has conserved or improved more than 22 million acres of critical wildlife habitat. The organization continues to advance wildlife conservation, forest resiliency, and robust recreational opportunities across the US by working beyond borders at the landscape scale.

2023 is the 50th anniversary of the NWTF and an opportunity to push the organization’s mission into the future while honoring its rich history. For its 50th anniversary celebration, the NWTF has set itself six ambitious goals: positively impact 1 million acres of wildlife habitat; raise $500,000 for wild turkey research; increase membership to 250,000 members; dedicate $1 million to education and outreach programs; raise $5 million to invest in technology and the people of NWTF; and raise $5 million to build a $50 million endowment for the future. Find out how you can help us achieve these lofty goals.