The Louis Riel Institute Adult Learning Centre offers a variety of Manitoba Senior Years credits including the following:

Grade 9

English Language Arts 10F

Mathematics 10F

Grades 10 & 11

Essential Math 20S

Science 20F

ELA Comprehensive Focus 30S

Grade 12

ELA Comprehensive Focus 40S

ELA Transactional Focus 40S

Essential Math 40S

Applied Math 40S

Pre-Calculus Math 40S

Biology 40S

Physics 40S

Chemistry 40S

Psychology 40S

Family Studies 40S

Film Studies 42S

Métis Studies 41G

Physical Education 40F

Automated Office 40S

Career Development 40S

Métis Art 40S


High School Apprenticeship Credits

Transfer and Out-of-Province Credits

Prior Learning Assessment Recognition

Upgrading and Literacy

Eight total credits are required for the Mature Student Diploma—this can include transfer credits and prior learning assessment recognition as well as those earned at our school—and the following additional requirements must be met: at least four credits must be at the Grade 12 level. at least one Grade 12 ELA and one Grade 12 math credit must be included.