Must-Have Turkey Team for 2022

Be prepared when you enter the turkey forest this spring with this year’s must-have gear.

Benelli Nova Turkey caliber 20

1. Benelli Nova Turkey caliber 20
Weighing just 6.5 pounds, Benelli’s new 20-gauge Nova Turkey Pump Shotgun is perfect for younger or smaller-framed hunters or established hunters looking for a lightweight run-and-gun package with a little less weight. recoil. The 20-Caliber Nova Turkey is chambered for 2¾-inch and 3-inch projectiles and features a 24-inch vent-ribbed barrel, a one-piece rigid polymer stock, and an overmolded receiver on a skeletal steel frame, a red very conspicuous. bar front sight, magazine cut button, three choke tubes (IC, M, F) and Mossy Oak Bottomland camo from head to toe. MSRP: $559;

Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey Shotgun

2. Mossberg 940 Pro Turkey
The latest version of Mossberg’s new 940 Pro gas-operated semi-auto shotgun, the 940 Pro Turkey is a gobble-stopping machine built for the spring woods. Available with an 18½- or 24-inch barrel, this optics-ready package touts a cutout in the receiver that accepts a low-profile red dot sight and a HiViz CompSight up front if you choose to shoot irons. Additionally, the 940 Pro Turkey sports an adjustable self-draining buttstock for LOP, corrosion-resistant internals, enlarged controls, an X-Factor XX-Full Turkey Tube choke, and Mossy Oak Greenleaf camo. MSRP: $1,120;

4 game turkey call

3. 4-Play Turkey Call
The most innovative box call we’ve ever seen, the Cutting Edge Game Calls 4-Game Turkey Call is built with four sound rails made from four different types of wood: Red Cedar, Hickory, Poplar, and Sassafras, each producing a distinctly different tone. . The paddle is mounted forward on a wheel that allows the user to turn it to hit each board separately and at different angles, giving you more call variety from a single snare than you ever thought possible. Choose from cherry, mahogany, or walnut body. If you would like to add a personal touch, custom engraving is available for an additional cost. MSRP: $125;

Cousins ​​Photoform Lures

4. Primos Photoform Lures
Super lightweight and ultra-portable, Primos Photoform lures are ideal for the mobile hunter. Made from a 3D molded and printable foam that sports the true-to-life, scale-free likeness of your favorite spring quarry, simply take any of these durable lures out of their package and they’ll appear in turkey form. Fold it back up for travel and storage. Stake a single hen or jake out front, or use multiple lures like the new Strutter and Leading Hen to create a lovefest a big old cat can’t resist. Bets included. MSRP: $129.99Strutter; $79.99 leading hen; $94.99jake;

ALPS OutdoorZ Ambush Sling Hunting Pack

5. ALPS Ambush Backpack
If you’re tired of searching through multiple vest pockets to find your face mask, shells, or your lucky mouth call, but don’t want the bulk of a full backpack to slow you down, then the Ambush Sling Pack is the pack for you. turkey hunting for you. . Made with an ambidextrous sling so it can be worn over either shoulder, this compact little backpack sits in the front and features a large interior and specialized pockets for two boat calls, three strikers, a snare call, and diaphragm calls. It also has MOLLE straps on both sides and a removable Thermacell pocket. Finally, a highly functional turkey hunting pack that keeps your gear organized and truly within easy reach. MSRP: $59.99;