iSportsman Sponsored YouTube Series – Extended and Available Now

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA.- iSportsman sponsored YouTuber and active duty service member Mike Rogers @TLOMikeRogers for several trips to Arizona for a late-season mule deer hunt. Mike’s first trip took place January 13-20, and last weekend, January 20. January 28-29—returned for more action. Mike is relatively new to the hunting community and found his niche in bowhunting five years ago, but his passion for hitting the fields like a pro makes him a standout content creator.

iSportsman recently developed iSportsmanX, a free additional service that is open to the public and to iSportsman users. iSportsmanX is designed to help outdoorsmen like Mike find recreational activities both on and off base. Mike is an avid user of iSportsmanGX, the original enterprise solution iSportsman created for the federal government and Department of Defense to manage hunting programs on federal land and military bases; however, when Mike was still itching to complete one more tag late in the season, iSportsmanX helped him find additional opportunities.

Like Mike, anyone can use iSportsmanX to find the outdoor opportunities they’re looking for. With an interactive map feature, an adjustable search radius, and a friendly user interface, iSportsmanX can help others find iSportsman-managed outdoor recreation opportunities and activities elsewhere. While there are many other digital hunting solutions out there, iSportsman’s suite of services is the only one designed around the experience of the veteran and active duty hunter.

That’s why Mike was happy to show off iSportsman as he surveyed the rugged Arizona desert terrain for deer scat, tracks and other signs of activity. Currently, four videos from Mike’s iSportsman series are live, with the intention of uploading two a week until the end of February. You can check out all the details of Mike’s adventures on YouTube and Instagram @TLOMikeRogers.

You can find more information about iSportsmanX and iSportsmanGX on their websites. In addition, iSportsman also offers a customizable and scalable solution for private owners: iSportsmanARX. Stay up to date with all things iSportsman by signing up for the newsletter or following iSportsman on Facebook and Instagram.

About iSportsman: iSportsman is the nation’s leading recreation program management solution, serving as the enterprise-grade provider for the US Army, Air Force, Hunting, Fishing, and Firewood permit sales programs. Guard and Security Services. US Fish and Wildlife iSportsman has been delivering SaaS and custom solutions to meet the needs of large-scale recreational programs for over 12 years. iSportsman currently manages permit sales, access control, reporting, and more for more than 10.6 million acres of forests, fields, trails, and waterways in the continental United States, Alaska, and Hawaii. Visit for more information.