ISPORTSMAN offers new custom packaging prices

Virginia Beach, Va.– To improve the management and control needs of land in the recreational areas of all areas and sizes, ISPORTSMAN now offers pricing options and customizable packages for agencies, organizations and companies that offer recreational management on their land. Isportsman works with customers who serve more than 400,000 recreation in 10.6 million acres of forests, fields, trails and river roads in the United States, Alaska and Hawaii. The new price offers those interested in Isportsman the possibility of adjusting the necessary functions to manage their program and stay within the budget.

Organizations can now obtain Isportsman for only $ 5,999 with the basic services package. Other packages with competitive prices, such as the sales package and the lottery package, range from $ 7,999 to $ 9,999.

The characteristics of these packages include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial website and CMS settings
  • Record
  • Allow sales
  • The entry record outside
  • Harvest surveys (limited)
  • Email messaging
  • Online training (8 hours)

For the complete set of services, Isportsman also offers the unlimited package that begins at $ 34,999 and offers the following characteristics:

  • Initial website and CMS settings
  • Record
  • Permits (free)
  • The entry record outside
  • Area planner
  • Harvest surveys
  • Email messaging
  • business service
  • Integration
  • Lottery services
  • Online safety summary
  • Interactive web maps
  • Full survey suite
  • Harvest controls
  • Text message
  • Unlimited users, areas, activities
  • Included Site Training (8hrs)

Additional options and accessories can be included in any package.

Additional options and accessories include but are not limited to:

  • Site training: $ 2,000
  • Heatized kiosk: $ 14,000
  • Reinforced Tablet: $ 2,000
  • Software settings: $ 700
  • Internet connectivity
  • Fedramp Security: $ 4,199
  • Continuous site content support
  • Commercial Service Integration: $ 2,999
  • Lottery service: $ 3,400
  • Online Security Summary: $ 1,799
  • Interactive Web Maps: $ 4,999
  • Harvest controls: $ 1,699
  • 24 -hour reservations: $ 3,499
  • Telephony: $ 9,299

Since 2009, Isportsman has migrated without problems the hunting and fishing programs of federal and state agencies to a digital platform. Isportsman reduces the administrative costs of the staff and saves approximately $ 86,000 per year per location. Visit for more information.

About Isportsman: IdeportistTM It is the main tool for the administration of recreational programs of Ascis Solutions in the nation, which provides services to the US Army., The US Air Force. UU., The US Marines Corps. UU. National Guard of the Army, the US Fisheries and Life Service. And the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism of Kansas. ASCIS offers personalized SAAS solutions for more than 10.6 million acres of forests, fields, trails and river roads in the United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Visit for more information.