BARNEVELD, Wisconsin. – When art arises from the desire to promote a cause, it has the power to inspire and unite like-minded people who share the same values. Vortex Crafted Impact™ takes this idea one step further by combining original art and apparel to give you an easy way to support the places and things you love.

Collaborating with a rotating group of new creators and organizations each year, Vortex Crafted Impact™ donates every dollar of the purchase price to groups and initiatives important to the hunting and shooting community.

“Vortex Crafted Impact™ provides a unique opportunity to not only support causes that everyone here at Vortex® appreciates, but also shines a light on what has become a really amazing community of creators within our space,” says Vortex.® CEOJoe Hamilton. “Hunters and shooters continue to be the driving force behind conservation in the US, time and again stepping up to lead the charge on everything from better access to public lands to our wildlife rights. second amendment”.

This year’s release features the original work of wildlife creator, Lydia Smith, with all proceeds benefiting the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF).

Working to impact land protection, open public access, elk conservation, and our hunting heritage is in the shared DNA of Smith, Vortex®and RMEF. In this age where cash flow is critical to accomplishing anything, you can feel good knowing your purchase of Vortex Crafted Impact™ goes towards furthering the work of this exceptional organization.

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