Icemule Boss Backpack Cooling Review

Icemule Coolers manufactured the icemule boss cooler a few years ago, and in recent years this cooler has remained firm. In fact, he has kept enough new challengers who continue to make their way to the coolers market.

The icemule Boss is a solid backpack cooler for when you need to wear a beer and some ice box for a long way. Or you can use icemule boss to bring some food a long way. Bringing drinks and food to long distances is a problem for most refrigerators. Many refrigerators are uncomfortable and heavy to move more than a few hundred meters. The Iceemule Boss is designed to transport heavy loads to long distances. The icemule Boss is also built with three external pockets to store additional food, cozies or forks, knives or equipment.

Welded appearances and isolation maintain this safe cooler and leak test. The icebox has enough space to wear 24 cans and is a bit larger than most backpack -type wears. It is a bit more difficult to enter the upper part than some wean, but if you are looking for total size, this is one of the largest backpack weeras on the market. Even when it is not in use, this cooler maintains its shape and is as solid as it can. The outer pockets keep the things safe and the two clips at the bottom front allow you to secure and tie the equipment to the lower part of the icebox as a small picnic blanket or a chair.

We liked that the shoulder is supported by itself, it is easy to transport and is completely loaded, the thick air mesh straps for the shoulders do not cut their shoulders. The padded pad for hip and hip belt easily keep the weight just where it should be. This cooler is easy to use and can pack several miles in the cooler. If you really need a backpack cooler, this is the one.

Specifications for the Icemule Boss backpack cooler:

  • Dimensions: 24 ″ high x 17 ″ width x 11 ″
  • Weight: 7.5 pounds
  • Interior capacity: 30 liters (24 cans of 12 ounces with ice)
  • Weight capacity: up to 60 pounds
  • Material: First quality waterproof technical fabric with welded seams
  • Polarlayer XT insulating foam of 3 cm closed cell

· Robust and built for the outside: Designed for portability and high performance, this soft sides thermal bag makes its next day of the beach, walk or picnic more perfect; Capacity for 30 liters or 24 cans + ice; Dimensions (length x width x high): 17 x 11 x 24 inches; Weight: 7.5 pounds

· Hands -free transport effort: Light cooler, backpack style with 2 padded shoulder straps, plane aircraft, a padded hip belt and a sternum belt, leaving both free arms to grab their surf table, fishing post or any other adventure equipment

· Easy access, spacious interior: The accessible design Tri-Fold Dritop Enrollable opens from par, which allows you to load and find what you are easily looking for; Store everything you need for a one -day excursion with exterior bungee storage and 3 large zipper pockets that are padded, isolated and equipped with Super Uncle Pakshield zipper zippers that keep the water out to keep the content cold and dry

· More than 24 hours of cooling: The outer and interior ultra -resistant crutch skin plus the polarlayer xT is insulation closed cell of 3 cm guarantees hardness, resistance, upper ice retention and maintains temperatures similar to ice for up to 2 days; Handles more than 60 pounds, an excellent option to camp, fish and travel with backpack

· Leak -proof, flotability and waterproof: The welded seams and the upper closure without zipper, and the pockets with weather -resistant zipper mean that there are no leaks, which makes it a waterproof cooler that can float next to its kayak. Anatomy of a boss.