Huntstand Announces Powerful New Application Tier Focused on White-Tailed Deer

Introducing Pro Whitetail

COLOMBIA, South Carolina – Assemble a wide range of powerful and dynamic data to deliver the most influential application level ever offered, HuntStand®, North America’s #1 Game Land Management App is proud to announce Pro Whitetail. Through extensive research, data engineering, and partner resource development, HuntStand has built the strongest set of white-tailed deer-centric application features in the history of the platform.

Pro Whitetail allows HuntStand users to unlock a powerful collection of tools created specifically for those with a passion for whitetail deer. A patented Whitetail Activity Forecast helps predict when deer will be on the move in a specific hunting area. New map layers provide a detailed view of critical information about furrows, whitetail habitat suitability, crop history, monthly satellite imagery, aerial photography, and more. As an added bonus, Pro Whitetail users will also qualify for substantial discounts at the upcoming HuntStand Gear Store.

“We are very proud to announce the launch of our new Pro Whitetail subscription. We carefully considered the unique needs and concerns of whitetail hunters and created a set of tools to address those requirements. Pro Whitetail helps hunters understand where and when to spend their time in the field. We strongly believe that the new feature set truly sets our app apart from the competition and will help millions of hunters have a productive, safe and successful deer hunting season,” said HuntStand CEO Lanford Holloway.

Gaining granularity on the unique needs of crazed whitetails, the main features of Pro Whitetail include a HuntStand exclusive Whitetail Activity Forecast where users get valuable information on when whitetail deer are most likely to move in a hunting area with HuntStand’s 7-Day Whitetail Activity Forecast. The proprietary model is based on decades of research by North America’s top deer biologists and incorporates more than a dozen variables with thousands of possible data combinations to provide hour-by-hour estimates of deer activity. an extensive Ruth National Map details peak estrus in 98% of the white-tailed range in the United States. Data from 4,240 counties, boroughs, and other geographic designations collected directly from state wildlife agencies and whitetail biologists help hunters better understand rutting deer activity in the national whitetail range. An essential tool to help hunters get the most out of their routine! Learn how and when to hunt the nuances of Whitetails’ nearly seven-month heat cycle. Using decades of observational data combined with advanced satellite measurements and artificial intelligence, HuntStand’s exclusive technology Whitetail habitat map estimates the suitability of an area for whitetails at a granular monthly level. Perfect for e-scouting and prioritizing new areas to hunt. This layer cuts through unwanted habitat noise and allows users to identify locations most likely to host the largest concentrations of whitetails. a new National Aerial Images The layer features high-resolution aerial imagery from the USDA Farm Service Agency, often more detailed and up-to-date than commonly used aerial imagery layers. This layer is updated every 1-2 years on a state-by-state basis as part of the National Agricultural Imagery Program and provides the most up-to-date information on changes in habitat and map features. Also included in Pro Whitetail is a first to market from HuntStand Monthly satellite images, which includes years of data with images updated month by month. A perfect way to view recent timber harvests, agricultural activity/changes, floods, fires and burns, or snow and ice cover, this layer is a critical tool for understanding the potential of a particular hunting area.

“Without a doubt, Pro Whitetail is the most advanced set of tools available to whitetail hunters today. The depth of research behind these tools is unparalleled, making them truly unique and useful for deer hunters of all levels. What makes the Whitetail Rut Map and Whitetail Activity Forecast tools so unique is their scientific basis and their ability to provide site-specific information. Unlike other tools that provide generalized information on deer breeding or movements, our tools provide detailed data at the county or even sub-county level, resulting in the recognition of over 5,000 unique deer populations in the USA. There is simply nothing like either product on the market today,” said Brian Murphy, wildlife biologist and vice president of corporate relations for HuntStand.

Building on the backbone of HuntStand Pro’s proven desktop and mobile app platform, Pro Whitetail extends the app’s extensive feature set, including over a dozen basemaps, land ownership data , dozens of map objects, a stall reservation tool, harvest and sighting data. collection and much more. Pro Whitetail is now available to upgrade online at and on the App Store or Google Play for $69.99.

About HuntStand:

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