HUCK Performance Bucket Tackles Tough Jobs

Being a competitive equestrian in my late teens and early twenties, I went through buckets of life for the average person. I bought buckets with sturdy handles and what the industry listed as indestructible. Rarely do well-used buckets last more than a few months. Now, as an avid outdoor enthusiast, I rarely embark on a trip that doesn’t include at least one bucket. The problem is that the typical bucket, reused or not, never lasts and isn’t always reliable. I needed a performance cube.

This summer I was introduced to the HUCK Performance Bucket. At first, I thought it was just an expensive cube with a cool look. When I started using the cube, I discovered that it was much more than just another “pretty cube”. My first experience was on a deep sea fishing trip earlier this summer, and this trip made me appreciate the features of the HUCK bucket.

How I used the HUCK Performance Bucket

huck in the water

The trip was a great success, and once we docked and emptied our catch of the day, I noticed that the solid non-marking, non-slip Vibram footholds were very stable on the edge of the boat’s surface, even when rocking with the steles. of other ships that dock around us.

Not only did it cling to the surface, wet or dry, but the 3/8-inch raised bucket base allowed water to flow onto the cleaning table without lifting the bucket to wash it down. The finger notches in the handle allowed me to carry the bucket painlessly in my hand, even with the bucket full of large red snapper.

HUCK bucket with red snapper on boat
HUCK Performance Bucket Vibram Foot Pads offer secure footing on wet or dry surfaces, even uneven surfaces.
Credit: Life at Camo Media, LLC

huck in the woods

The following weekend after our fishing trip, I took the bucket into the woods to scatter bait for hog hunting. I’ve been through so many buckets fattening pigs. The handles break, I drop them because of the hand pain caused by the wire handles, or they crack when I hit them, trying to empty the pork liquor I made into the bucket.

The dip is where the Vibram foot holds onto the bottom of the buckets, and the grooved finger grips come in handy. Dipping corn or peanuts out of a ton bag takes a lot out of me with a regular five gallon bucket. That was not the case with the HUCK bucket, as I didn’t have to struggle with the weight of the bucket to dump the feed. The fixed handle was also helpful when positioning the bucket to reach the top of the feeders, no more fishing for the handle.

HUCK Performance Bucket Vibram handles make dipping easy.
HUCK Performance Bucket Vibram handles make it easy to extract feed for bait piles.
Credit: Life at Camo Media, LLC

HUCK on the range

This weekend we will be fine-tuning our crossbows for the season after having the strings and cables replaced. The HUCK Bucket is ready with arrows, a rangefinder, binoculars, Allen wrench tools, target sheets, and a range-ready towel. I look forward to other uses: being on the paddle board, in the kayak, and in the canoe.

How Tough Are HUCK Performance Buckets?

The HUCK Performance Bucket Impact Test shows how durable SpryTech materials are compared to an HDPE bucket.
Credit: HUCK Performance Buckets

The HUCK bucket’s SpryTech material construction is far superior to the cheap high-density polyethylene (HDPE) materials of other buckets. Low-density HDPE, like that found in the walls of buckets, breaks down in very cold temperatures and high temperatures. Of all the great features on the HUCK Performance Bucket, the Vibram lugs and feet, which double as hand grips, are my favorite. The reinforced handle, high-impact materials, and added Vibram base and grips make the HUCK Heavy-Duty Bucket far superior to the typical five-gallon bucket.

The two most significant problems with other buckets are the handle breaking on the bucket or the bucket cracking in extreme hot or cold conditions. on 3/8the Inch rims on the inside and outside of the bucket wall with a stainless steel bolt add incredible strength to the bucket handle, allowing it to hold heavy weights without failing.

Is the HUCK Performance Bucket worth the investment?

The HUCK Performance Bucket is priced higher than your typical run-of-the-mill five-gallon bucket, but when you consider the fact that the company stands behind every bucket it makes, the investment alone is worth it. HUCK’s warranty states: “If you are not satisfied with your bucket at the time of purchase or with its performance in use, or if it is damaged due to normal wear and tear, HUCK will replace, refund or repair it at a reasonable price.” .

I plan on the HUCK Performance Bucket to last for many years and many more adventures, on the water, in the woods, in the field, or anywhere a bucket is needed. The HUCK High Performance Bucket could be the last bucket you buy.

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