How To Keep Deer Equipment In Good Working Order Easily And Inexpensively

On the surface, deer hunting seems simple and easy. Find a place where some deer live and hang out, set up a post, be there at the right time, and seal the deal with a well-placed bullet or broad arrowhead combo that hits hard in a deer’s boiler room.

But the truth is that deer hunting, at least the way the North American Whitetail (NAW) and its well-known TV and magazine crew do it, is much more than just spending a morning or two in the woods every fall.

In fact, as NAW TV editor and producer Laden Force shows in this video, it’s actually a year-round lifestyle, one that’s time-consuming and loaded with the latest and greatest gear you’ll see on Outdoor Channel or on the pages. of the main white glue magazine in the country.

And that’s where the good folks at Star Brite come in, with a full line of products that help keep your equipment in top operating condition no matter when and where you’re hunting the country’s most popular game.

Have a workhorse UTV you depend on? As Force shows, no matter what kind of deer season prep work or in-season chores you have on your hunting property, Star Brite can help you deal with moisture and potential problems that result from ethanol-based fuel. .

Since one bottle of Star Tron Enzymatic Fuel Treatment can treat up to 48 gallons of gasoline, you can be sure that the fuel treatment will stabilize the gas in your UTV engine, remove harmful products like gum and carbon deposits, prevent separation of phases and improve fuel economy. and rejuvenate stale fuel.

That means no matter how dusty a warm afternoon gets, no matter how wet a cold front gets, no matter how icy a rutting hunt gets, or how cold and snowy a run to a bean field is, your motorized gear It’ll shoot get up and stay in good working order from the foothills of the Midwest to the lowlands of the Deep South and the cactus-studded trails of South Texas.

And when it’s time to store your power equipment, don’t forget to use Star Brite’s Professional Grade Fogging Oil. This deep penetrating product will help protect your internal combustion engines, ensuring they fire the next time you turn the key, and allows all units to run at peak proficiency no matter what the weather throws at you at the hunting camp. .

Star Brite’s fuel treatment products also work for a host of other outdoor gear, engine-dependent tools like your bass rig on the lake, your RV in the storage barn, or your chainsaw in the hunting camp. In short, if you’re motorized, gas-powered, and a necessary part of your outdoor recreation, Star Brite has you covered all year long.

But engine protection is just one of the ways Star brite products offer a performance upgrade to outdoor enthusiasts who like a truck full of gear for outings on the water and in the woods. . There are also products to help prevent pipes from freezing and damage in your hunting cabin, your RV or camper, and even in your home.

That comes from Star brite Winter Safe Antifreeze Antigel, a bird and dog safe product that is easy to use and highly effective right down to frigid winter temperatures that reach as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

How is this bright pink product used on copper, brass or plastic pipes? Simple, flush the system and its pipes with water and then follow the Antifreeze Antigel instructions, pour in the product, let it do its protective work and just walk away as the temperature drops.

While Antifreeze Antigel works on the pipes in a cabin, house, or RV, it also works for anything that has a water supply system, from boats to pool pumps, a water well, and a washing machine in a shed. behind his hunting cabin.

And finally, Star brite products can not only help keep moisture in your motors and water supply systems at bay, they can also help keep your favorite hunting gear rust-free and your hunting shutters running and working. smelling good, all thanks to the pelletized formula. of the Damp Check moisture absorber.

Do you have an expensive deer rifle, an old classic American side-by-side shotgun, or a squirrel-busting .22 rifle in your gun safe? Simply unscrew the cap from the Damp Check product, place it in a corner of the safe, and walk away.

If you’ve invested a few thousand dollars in a permanent hunting blind like Redneck’s, you can use Damp Check to keep moisture out of the blind, no matter how humid, cold or warm the weather conditions are. How to keep musty odors at bay. Again, simply unscrew the cap, place the Damp Check product in a corner, and walk away.

In fact, that’s pretty much the story of all Star Brite products when it comes to hunting gear. Buy them at a local retailer or online, follow the instructions, walk away and sleep easy at night, knowing your outdoor and deer hunting gear is well protected and ready to go the next time you need to use it.

And who knows, with a little luck on your next outing, you could be like the pros, sealing the deal and becoming a cover story or major profile for North American Whitetail magazine and TV show.

Because we can all dream of big money, world-class horns, and a freezer full of venison, right?