How to get the legend of the eastern wallet

Exploring the American frontier red dead redemption ii like Arthur Morgan or John Marston, there are many interesting places to visit and loot to acquire. All manner of consumables and collectibles can be purchased legitimately, found in the wild, or, for players embracing their inner outlaw, stolen. Initially, there is only so much space in the protagonist’s backpack to carry everything, but more space can be made by creating different backpack upgrades, the last of which is the Legend of the East. This can be done almost as soon as players reach chapter two of the story, “Horseshoe Overlook”.

When players first explore the Gang camp, heading to Mr. Pearson’s Chuck Wagon will allow them to donate materials or search for potential camp upgrades. Players can donate any animal parts they find to help with camp funds, provide food for the daily stew, or use as crafting supplies. However, before players can begin crafting new satchels, they will first need to purchase leatherworking tools from the camp ledger. This will cost $225 to be donated and spent in the tithing box next to the ledger.

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Each satchel requires a camp milestone to be completed first before it can be crafted. These include upgrading the medicine cart and provision cart twice and crafting three recipes at the nearby exploration campfire. In addition, five animal carcasses, three valuables and $50 must be donated. Finally, to create the Eastern Legend Wallet, players must first have created any other type of wallet beforehand.

Many of the animal skins required to craft these satchels can be difficult to acquire, and some are only found in specific regions of the map. Complicating these hunts further is the fact that only perfect three-star pelts can be used for crafting. Anything less is simply not good enough. For this reason, players should only hunt and kill three-star animals and always aim for a headshot or neckshot to ensure a clean kill. Players should also note that they cannot use legendary animal skins for bags.

The Tonics Satchel requires deer, elk, and deer skins. The ingredient portfolio requires deer, badger, and squirrel pelts. Deer, Elk, and Panther Hides are needed to craft the Gear Bag, and Deer, Bison, and Raccoon Hides are needed for the Provisions Bag. The Bag of Materials can be made from Deer, Boar, and Iguana Hides, while the Bag of Goodies requires Deer, Beaver, and Rabbit Hides. Once all have been crafted, the Legend of the Eastern Satchel can be crafted, which requires deer, cougar, and wolf pelts.

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The player will need to be properly armed with a hunting rifle, a vermin rifle, and a bow with small game arrows to hunt down these animals. Each type of animal requires a specific weapon and ammunition to kill it without damaging the skin. The bow will be given to players during the first story chapter and small game arrows can be crafted at any campfire as long as you have arrows, flight feathers and shotgun shells. Both hunting and varmint rifles must be purchased from a gun store found in most major cities.

Among the skins needed to make handbags, deer skins are the easiest, since they are found in practically all regions. All seven satchels require at least one deerskin to craft, so it’s best to stock up on hides from any perfect deer the player finds on their travels. Squirrels, rabbits, raccoons, and badgers can typically be found in most forested regions. Elk roam the northern West Elizabeth and Ambarino areas, while herds of bison occupy the Heartlands. Beavers are found around Lake Owanjila, west of Strawberry, but must be killed on land and not in the water. Otherwise, players will not be able to retrieve their bodies.

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The animal that will have players scratching their heads the most is the iguana, found in only one spot on the entire map. A sizable island west of Clements Point in Flat Iron Lake is home to these lizards. The only way to get to the island is by boat. Ships are rarely found on shore, but if the player has reached Chapter Three of the story, one can be purchased from the camp ledger for $400. Make sure to bring the Vermin Rifle, as it is the weapon needed to cleanly kill an iguana.

Players must be cautious and alert when trying to hunt wolves, panthers, and cougars. They are predatory animals that usually appear at night to hunt the player, easily scaring their horse. The player must be quick to kill these animals, as they can often instantly kill the protagonist. The best way to do this is to use Dead Eye to slow down time and get a clean kill with the rifle. Cougars and wolves often spawn in the Black Bone Forest of West Elizabeth, or south of Annesburg. Panthers can be found in the swamps of Lemoyne, either south of Bolger Glade or northwest of Saint Denis.