How to Acquire and Feed Your Creature Companions

Disney Dreamlight Valley offers a whole new experience for fans of the iconic media giant. Disney’s latest video game entry allows players to have their own home in Dreamlight Valley and meet several popular Disney characters. Being a life simulator, players will have the option to explore and fulfill the needs of different characters so that they can become friends.

As such, there are plenty of activities to engage in, ranging from home decorating to running around the desert for resources. Unfortunately, doing all of this can only be lonely, so players must have an animal companion for company. Various creatures can be seen when exploring and this article will explain how to tame and feed them.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley creatures are just as cute as the overall presentation.

You don’t have to explore Dreamlight Valley alone! Can you guess which animal companion will join your Dazzle Beach adventure? 🏖

In a nutshell, critters are animals that can be found in the various biomes of the game. These range from irresistible squirrels and rabbits to adorable foxes and turtles. In fact, there are even some weird options like crocodiles and raccoons.

Recruiting these animals is a fairly simple task, as players will only need to feed them twice for them to follow you. Like other games, wild creatures will need to be fed specific foods found in the same biome they are in. To recruit them, players don’t necessarily have to use their favorite food, which is convenient.

It should be noted that all subtypes count as unique animals in Disney Dreamlight Valley. So if you have a black turtle and you want a white one, you will need to find and feed the white one as well. Also, only two subtypes can appear in a given area per day. Also, a creature can only be fed once every 24 hours. As such, recruiting them is a slow process that can take a few days in-game.

How to Catch a Bug at Disney Dreamlight Valley

If players are interested in capturing a creature, they will first need to visit the biome they belong to. Turtles, for example, can be found on Dazzle Beach. However, each creature reacts differently, so players should be aware of this before locating one.

  • Sunbirds: These colorful birds fly quickly, but it’s easy to keep up with them.
  • Rabbits: They are somewhat skittish, but players can chase them three times to reach them.
  • squirrels: These are some of the easiest creatures to catch, as they don’t run away unless they’ve already been fed.
  • raccoons: These are some of the hardest to catch as they will run away when approached head-on. Try to approach them slowly while they are still.
  • Crocodiles: Like a raccoon, players must move towards him when his head is down and stop when he is up.
  • Turtles: Turtles are shy creatures, but patience rewards those who wait for them to re-emerge from their shells.
  • Foxes: Similar to rabbits. Chase them until an opportunity presents itself.
  • Ravens: No details are currently available for these elusive creatures.

How to Feed Bugs at Disney Dreamlight Valley

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Once they have been tracked down, players will need to feed them to gain their trust. They will have to thoroughly search the area where the animal was discovered for various edibles. Each animal eats a certain type of food, among which they also have favorites. For example, raccoons love fruit, but blueberries are their top priority. Some consumables can be found in bushes, like berries, but others, like locusts, will need to be caught.

Feeding an animal is as simple as walking up to it and pressing the appropriate button to open the gift inventory where the items are located. Simply choose the right food for him to chew on. Some fans may wonder if there are other benefits to feeding animals besides them following you around. Interestingly, feeding the animals can reward players with drops like cosmetics and Dream Shards.

Interested players can purchase the Disney Dreamlight Valley Early Access Edition, which is currently available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.