Hook & Hunting: Small hunting season open until March 31

Thursday is the start of the small game hunting season.

From September 15 to March 31, you can hunt rabbits and squirrels.

Kenny Salvens, hunting manager for Jays Sporting Goods in Gaylord, says that since the trees are full, you have to be very careful. He recommends waiting for the leaves to fall.

“You can’t see that far in the woods right now, so being safe in the woods is super important and wearing your orange,” said Kenny Salvens, Game Manager at Jay’s Sporting Goods in Gaylord. “You use a .22 or a shotgun. They are not a toy. You have to be very careful if you are shooting a squirrel in a tree. You need to have a backdrop.”

You can also start hunting grouse until November 15. Then it rises again from the beginning of December until January.