HEVI-Shot’s HEVI-Bismuth is now available in Federal Premium and Remington Premier Waterfowl and Upland hunting loads

HEVI-Shot is proud to be the source of HEVI-Bismuth pellets for new product lines of its partner brands at Federal and Remington Ammunition. This is the first time that HEVI-Shot’s proprietary bismuth pellets, cast and alloyed in the US, will be available in loaded cartridges from other brands. Federal offers these granules in its Federal Premium HEVI-Bismuth product line, and Remington offers them in its Remington Premium product line. Both product lines launched in mid-2022.

“HEVI-Shot is excited to be a shell manufacturer for Federal and Remington,” said Scott Turner, Shotshell Product Manager. “Bringing together HEVI-Shot’s trusted bismuth pellets with different components and manufacturing processes from both brands of ammunition will give shooters more options when heading into the field. HEVI-Bismuth are the highest quality bismuth pellets an ammunition manufacturer can load because HEVI-Shot manufactures them in-house in Sweet Home, Oregon.”

Some ammunition manufacturers introduced bismuth-based ammunition in the late 1990s, but it disappeared due to a reputation that its alloy recipe was not hard and reliable enough. Starting in 2019, HEVI-Shot brought it back in an alloy that’s better than ever, using the company’s own recipe and manufacturing processes.

“If you have never experienced the performance of bismuth pellets, you should,” Turner continued. “The new Federal Premium HEVI-Bismuth is available in nine 12-gauge options, and the New Remington Premier Bismuth is available in ten full loads, including 12, 20, 16, 28GA, or .410 gauge options. We know fans of those brands will enjoy success with our HEVI-Bismuth pellets in their loads.”

HEVI-Bismuth weighs 9.64 g/cc. It is 22% denser than steel, allowing marksmen to reduce the size of a shot with the same lethality. Combined with high speeds, the hunters have performance that can be largely relied on. HEVI-Bismuth is safe to shoot with modern and classic weapons.

For more information on all HEVI-Shot products, visit www.hevishot.com.