GrovTec’s New Reversible G-Stop Hand Stop

GrovTec sticks to its slogan of “We’ll carry the gun” with yet another accessory to relieve the shooter. the g stop Reversible toe stop consumes only 2″ of rail space and can be used as a toe stop or barricade stop.

Machined from billet aluminum, then Type III black anodized, the g stop takes barricade work seriously with a flat face perfect for pressing against flat surfaces such as training barricades, car door edges, and any other form of field stabilization.

Other popular designs have failed by being too small to be effective or so large that they might as well be an angled foregrip. The G-Stop splits down the middle with enough material to grip without adding an aluminum brick to your rifle. The G-Stop hangs 1.25″ from its rail; enough to brace against a barricade and enough to safely prevent overextending a hand on a hot suppressor or gas block.

When placed forward on the handguard, the G-Stop can also serve as a stopping point for bench shooters to make sure they don’t slide too far forward or backward on the rest.

Reverse the G-Stop to experience a contoured surface to pull your support hand against. Positioning the g stop this combines the recoil control of a mag grip with the elevation control of a more forward hand placement. All this while weighing just under an ounce.

A simple product that with little more than one MLOK® slot of rail space adds great versatility and support. Mounting hardware and Allen key included.

MSRP: $44.00

About GrovTec:

GrovTec was born when a major manufacturer moved its operations abroad. Seizing an opportunity, the assets were purchased and GrovTec proudly continued to design and machine in Wood Village, Oregon. Today GrovTec produces some of the best firearm accessories for OEMs, consumers and contractors.