Form meets function in Smith’s EdgeSport 6-Inch Folding Bone Saw

The ultimate game processing tool built for backcountry adventures

The real work begins at the conclusion of a successful hunt in the field. Whether it’s an elk in a tall forest, an elk in a larch swamp, a sheep in the mountains or a whitetail in the rear 40: A harvested big game animal must be processed in the field and transported off the bush as the next need. step in the journey from field to table. Only rugged tools designed to withstand the rigors of travel in and out of the wild, designed to quickly and easily process game after harvest, and provide many seasons of reliable use belong in backcountry hunting adventures, and that is precisely what you will need. find it in Smith’s EdgeSport 6-Inch Folding Bone Saw.

The Edge experts at Smith’s Consumer Products designed the new EdgeSport 6-Inch Folding Bone Saw to handle the largest game in the most challenging environments. The six-inch stainless steel saw blade is designed specifically for deer, elk, elk, and sheep, cutting smoothly through bone and maintaining its sharpness for many harvests. The strong lock-back handle design secures the blade in a working position in harsh conditions. A durable TPE non-slip handle helps promote safe use in the field, especially when it rains or snows while hunting. In fact, Smith’s 6-Inch EdgeSport Folding Bone Saw is a thoughtfully designed, must-have tool for all big game hunters.

Protected by a limited lifetime warranty, Smith’s EdgeSport 6-Inch Folding Bone Saw (Item #51366) is now available with a $28.99 MSRP. Learn more about Edge Experts at Smith’s Consumer Products by visiting

Smith’s 6-Inch EdgeSport Folding Bone Saw Features:

  • Packable, lightweight and durable design.
  • Six inch stainless steel bone saw blade.
  • Handle that features a rear-lock design.
  • Total folded length of seven inches, perfect for backcountry trips.
  • Tie-down ready lanyard hole.
  • MSRP $28.99

About Smith Consumer Products:

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