First Look: Rock River Arms All-Terrain Hunter

Rock River Arms (RRA) has introduced the All-Terrain Hunter (ATH), a mid-length AR platform rifle aimed squarely at the hunting market.

Designed specifically with the modern hunter in mind, the ATH rifle’s 18-inch precision stainless steel barrel is cryogenically treated for maximum stability and accuracy, even under high-volume shooting conditions. Chambered in .223 Wylde to accommodate both 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington, the ATH barrel features a 1:8-inch twist rate that boasts guaranteed 3/4 MOA accuracy at 100 yards.

The barrel is mated to a forged A4 upper receiver and is encased by an extended 13-inch free-float lightweight handguard. The full-length rail system with shared tokens offers plenty of room for high-magnification optics and thermal gear for nighttime varmint hunting, while the M-Lok compatible handguard ensures ample mounting positions for bipods, slings and lights .

Hunter ergonomics also get high marks with the RRA ATH. A winter trigger guard provides clearance for the trigger finger even when wearing thick gloves. The Hogue pistol grip also accommodates gloved hands with its non-slip rubber coating and prominent finger grooves. To meet changing shooting scenarios and clothing requirements, a six-position RRA Operator CAR stock completes the lower receiver assembly. With its generous side weld and textured butt plate, this stock makes it easy to maintain a safe and comfortable visual image in a fast-paced hunting environment. The stock also incorporates multiple quick-detach sling mounting points and a watertight battery storage compartment.

The operating controls continue this ergonomic theme. The unique star safety selector is designed for gloved handling. More notable, however, is the inclusion of RRA’s world-class two-stage Varmint Ultra Match trigger. With a light retrieve, crisp break and 3.5-4 pound draw weight, the trigger is designed to minimize shooter-induced disturbance of the shot, a critical factor in long-range accuracy.

Additional features on the All-Terrain Hunter include the RRA operator’s muzzle brake, owner’s manual, plastic hard case, and a 20-round steel magazine.

For more information, visit MSRP: $1,425