New FFB Primer Vibe delivery system makes loading safer and more consistent

Farmington, MO: Fast and Friendly Brass, a leading brand of tools and processing equipment and supplies for optimal brass loading and reloading efficiency, has fixed the weakest link in the Dillon Super 1050 and RL1100: the primer load. The new Primer Vibe delivery system eliminates moving parts and makes loading rounds more effective and much safer.

“The last thing you want to have happen with your Dillon Precision press is a problem with the charging of the primer,” said Bill Birmingham, owner of Fast and Friendly Brass. “Dillon’s original shuttle drive arm has springs that break and an arm that will bend and eventually break due to fatigue. Then, if a detonator doesn’t land properly on the shuttle and the shuttle moves, the detonator may detonate. This can cause the primers in the vertical tubular column to explode and cause an explosion. We know of more than one person injured by this design.”

The Fast & Friendly Brass Primer Vibe delivery system eliminates moving parts in the process of delivering primers to the original Dillon primer punch. These moving parts are replaced with a vibrating bowl and hopper system that accurately delivers primers to the punch that inserts them into the brass case using the original Dillon priming mechanism. If there’s a primer detonation, you’re protected by a 12-inch-high, ¼-inch-thick polycarbonate safety shield.

The Primer Vibe delivery system has a primer delivery rate of up to 15,000 per hour and comes with parts to convert to all primer sizes: small pistol/rifle and large pistol/rifle. You can also convert primer sizes in less than 10 minutes, making changing things faster and easier. The Primer Vibe delivery system is available for all major automatic units including FFB, Mk7, Ammobot and Forcht.

You get the vibratory base and vibratory base mount made specifically to fit your car. You also get a vibratory controller and our 3D printed bowl, primer screens and the hopper. There is our polycarbonate security shield and primer punches and bushings made to SAAMI specifications. F&FB also includes all necessary fasteners. This unit comes with a one-year warranty on the Primer Vibe base and controllers, and a three-year warranty on 3D printed parts. For more information, visit the F&FB website.

About Fast and Friendly Brass
Fast and Friendly Brass is wholly owned by Bill Birmingham of Farmington, MO. The company began processing and selling brass in the St. Louis area in 2012 and nationally in 2014. In late 2015, Fast and Friendly Brass stopped processing brass to focus on a larger market need: better tools and equipment for improve the efficiency of reloading and brass processing. Since then, the company has become an industry leader in high-quality products to make reloading more accurate and efficient. Learn more at