Essential tools for turkey hunting

Five quality options both on and off the pitch By Kristine Ostertag

Quality tools are essential to making your turkey hunting season a success. There are five tools you should never leave home without when you head out to the turkey fields. I have found these to be essential to my success in the field and to speed up turkey processing after label stuffing.

Smith’s Folding Limb Saw

I have found that a folding saw is very useful for installing my blind or creating a hiding place in the ground. I don’t put my blind in the middle of a field; rather, I try to hide at the edges of the field or along the lines of wood, as turkeys have exceptional eyesight. There are always branches that get in the way that need to be cut to get the blind where you want it. In addition, freshly cut branches are also useful for making a shutter. Without a good saw, these tasks can be challenging. I’ve used many different folding saws, but found the Smith’s Folding Limb Saw to be the best. It has very aggressive teeth and a longer blade than most folding saws, making cutting a breeze. Cuts anything from small to medium twigs and branches. It also comes with a tooth sharpener built into the handle, which is convenient when you’re out in the field and need to sharpen your saw blade. Smith’s folding limb saw has a $21.99 MSRP.

Smith’s EdgeSport Folding Knife

I always carry a knife with me, as you never know when you might need one, even if it’s to open a pack of goose chop sticks. It never fails that when I don’t have a knife, I always had one. I use Smith’s EdgeSport Folding Knife for a wide range of field tasks, including basic poultry processing. Makes skinning my bird and trimming his beard and fan an easy job. If I decide to clean my bird in the field, it’s also durable and sharp enough to complete the entire process. It comes with a pocket clip and is easy to open and close. It also stays locked when it’s open. I also like the bright color so it’s easy to spot when I put it down somewhere. Smith’s Edgesport folding knife has a $28.99 MSRP.

Smith Pack-Pal Diamond Combination Sharpener

Always, always, always have a knife sharpener handy when you’re out in the field or when you’re processing your bird. Trying to clean your bird with a dull knife can be a nightmare. Smith’s Pack-Pal Diamond Combination Sharpener is great to take everywhere: in the field, in the shop, and even on the boat after I’ve filled my label. It has fine and coarse surfaces and can also sharpen pointed tools. My favorite feature is the slide-in design, where you can slide the stones into the handle for easy storage and storage. Smith’s Pack-Pal Combination Diamond Sharpener has a MSRP of $32.99.

Smith’s EdgeSport 6-Inch Boning Knife

If you want to make processing your poultry a breeze, I recommend investing in a good boning knife. Boning knives are long, thin and flexible and are designed to sever tendons and ligaments while cutting meat off the bone with ease. The Smith’s Consumer Products 6-Inch EdgeSport Boning Knife is very reliable. I found it to be very sharp, easy to grip and has made cutting through the breast and leg meat of my turkey a breeze. With its flexible design, I can follow the breastbone and cut around joints without leaving meat behind and making a mess in my cuts. It also comes with a quality protective sheath to keep your knife sharp while also making the packaging much safer. Smith’s 6-Inch EdgeSport Boning Knife has a $28.99 MSRP.

Smith’s EdgeSport Camp Cleaver Combo

I have always struggled with my turkey’s wings and legs when using a regular knife. A blade is designed to cut through connective tissue and bone, and Smith’s EdgeSport Camp Cleaver Combo is a great option. He has a 4-inch blade, so he can handle the largest bones in a turkey while staying compact enough to pack on every turkey hunting adventure. The Combo also includes a Cordura sheath to protect the blade and a sharpener to ensure it’s always ready for the job. Smith’s EdgeSport Camp Cleaver Combo has a MSRP of $44.99.

Don’t forget to pack all your essentials when you’re preparing for the upcoming turkey season. You never want to be caught without the proper gear while out in the field. These five tools are easy to pack and can make your time in the field more successful and enjoyable.

About the Author

Kristine Ostertag grew up in rural Wisconsin and was raised on the water and in the woods. She is passionate about the outdoors and spends each and every free moment of hers chasing after something with fins, fur or feathers. Follow Kristine’s outdoor adventures on Instagram @sportswomankristine.