ESCORT® Big Impact SDX Shotgun

The ESCORT® SDX is part of Hatsan’s Versatile Tactical Shotgun (VTS) series. This modern sporting style shotgun is available in 12 gauge or .410 gauge in black or FDE Cerakote. The synthetic polymer lower receiver features an alloy magazine ensuring a smooth and durable product built to last. Hatsan’s patented ThermoDefend fore-end absorbs and dissipates heat from the barrel while providing a comfortable, controlled grip on the weapon.

An active shock tube absorbs recoil and sports a removable stock with a height-adjustable buttrest. The soft rubber ergonomic pistol grip is also removable and can be replaced with a wide variety of options available on the aftermarket. The loading bolt is reversible to accommodate a wide variety of shooter preferences. A rear sight with a carry handle and a fixed front sight come equipped with each weapon, but the included flip-up sights can be installed for use with mounted optics. The forend also features 4 picatinny rail locations to accommodate multiple accessory mounting options.

The 12 gauge models feature an 18″ barrel with removable chokes, including an extended barrel bore choke brake that helps tame recoil with heavy buckshot or bullets. Standard complete and upgraded cylinder chokes are also included, with other options from HatsanUSA. Each weapon ships with two 5-round magazines and one 2-round magazine that can be stored in the stock. The gun is chambered to accept 2 ¾” and 3″ shells and will alternate between them without external adjustment being required by the shooter.

The .410 models feature a 20″ barrel with an integrated choke suitable for both buckshot and slugs. This model offers the same recoil absorbing features as the larger caliber models, such as the soft rubber recoil pad; this shotgun is extremely smooth. Also shipped with two 5-round magazines, this pistol features a spare 3-round magazine stored in the stock. The gas piston works the same way, cycling standard and magnum loads reliably.

As with all ESCORT shotguns, barrels are tested at the factory to ensure quality and durability. Both models in the SDX series are rust resistant with chrome-plated steel cylinders. Hard chrome and Cerakote coatings look great and are built to withstand the toughest conditions. HatsanUSA offers a 5-year limited warranty on all ESCORT firearms.

SDX Features

  • Modern sporting style, gas operated, semi-auto shotgun
  • Rust resistant: chrome-plated perforated steel cylinder
  • All barrels are tested
  • Reversible bolt-loading handle for ambidextrous operation
  • Fixed tactical stock with integrated pistol grip
  • Height adjustable comb
  • Soft rubber butt pad to absorb recoil
  • Detachable alloy upper receiver and advanced polymer lower receiver
  • Picatinny rails integrated into receiver and handguard
  • ThermoDefend handguard with ergonomic grip
  • Manual trigger safety switch
  • Detachable carry handle
  • Adjustable rear sight integrated into the carry handle
  • adjustable front sight
  • Set of optional flip-up front and rear sights included
  • sling loops
  • Rugged Matte Black or FDE Cerakote Finish

SD-X12 Specifications:

  • 12 gauge semi automatic gas shotgun
  • 3 in. magnum chamber
  • 5/2 magazine capacity
  • 18 in. hard chrome cylinder with removable chokes
  • F, IC and CYL (brake) chokes included
  • Hand Switch Safety
  • 37.6 in. overall length
  • 9.0 pounds

SD-X410 Specifications:

  • 410 caliber semi-automatic gas shotgun
  • 3 in. magnum chamber
  • Magazine capacity 5/3
  • 20 in. Hard Chrome Fixed Cylinder
  • Hand Switch Safety
  • 39.6 in. full length
  • 7.8 pounds

HatsanUSA is the exclusive distributor of Hatsan airguns and Escort firearms in the US. Renowned for precision craftsmanship and performance, Hatsan products provide an exceptional shooting experience. The brands are driven by purpose and are recognized for their outstanding power, performance, reliability and value. Hatsan prides itself on its vertically integrated manufacturing process, which allows it to maintain the highest levels of quality, workmanship, and a competitive edge.

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