ep. 58: Poaching – Our relationship with the law

This episode of the Bear Grease Podcast will be an exposé on two men in the outdoor industry that you may have heard of. We don’t usually like to air dirty laundry on people, but we got access to these hunters and you may know them, maybe even respect them, and their stories may surprise you. The hunters we’re talking about are Clay Newcomb and Steven Rinella! They had a heart-to-heart about the way they were raised, their history with the laws of the game, and some of their regrets. The intent is to have an honest dialogue that provides a data point for understanding our cultural history as modern hunters that will allow us to dictate where we go. We’ll also talk about Austin Booth, he’s a lawyer, former Marine, and now director of the Arkansas Fish and Game Commission. We want to understand the philosophy of wildlife law enforcement in 2022 and the state of poaching. We will also return to two fundamental components of the North American Wildlife Conservation Model that we should all be aware of. If you want the dirt from Clay and Rinella, you sure don’t want to miss this one.