ep. 331: Being a skunk in the navel

Topics Discussed: Young turkey at Doug’s; skunk again; the river otter, two dogs, mink and other creatures attracted by the mysterious magnetism of The Navel; Douglas Durkin; Jimmy’s experiences with the mouse in Doug’s Little Buddy heater, his preference for running and shooting turkeys, and his superior detection of gobbling noises; the direct way Steve talks to his children; a very legal and official contract between Jimmy and his father regarding the use of the Xbox; how the 12.5-year-old chicken found in PA always made the right life choices; the doe missing two hooves on its hind legs; the most obscenely misleading headline in nature; scamming people with bogus hunting contracts; Ya’s gun-buying spree; poop soup; Doug’s strong hands; Doug addresses Uncle Ted’s statements about CWD; effects of chronic wasting disease at the population level; kill a deer per second; Doug’s new show, “Sharing the Land”; Doug and Steve’s pen pal relationship; Pat’s articles on cash for crappie and shooting pikes from a gun in Vermont; and more.