Eliminate those fall projects with the new OXCART PRO-Grade Stockman

Are fall projects piling up around your home, hunting ground, farm, or workplace? Save time and save your back with the new OXCART PRO-Grade Stockman Lift-Assist Tipping and Tipping Cart.

Available now at Home Depot stores in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, the Stockman PRO-Grade is packed with upgraded features designed to haul and unload storm debris, firewood, fencing, hay, feed, gravel, equipment hunting. , food plot seed and easier on the back and less time.

See the video on how the OXCART works here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGUJc8KuRDg

Thanks to the smart and innovative enhancements introduced to the professional-grade Stockman, the best utility car ever made just got even better!

New features showcased on the Stockman PRO-Grade include an improved dumping angle from 52 to 62 degrees for easier dumping and less shoveling.

The new and improved OXCART now also has increased lift assist force options for moderately heavy and extra heavy lifting tasks.

Click here to see the amazing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaImmIgQISQ

Provides 250% of force pushing up on the tub, making heavy loads feel up to 90% lighter for easier turning and dumping. The previous model OXCARTS provided only about 100 pounds of force.

Also, the lift assist was moved behind the tires to offer more ground clearance. The new model has 12 inches of ground clearance: 5 to 7 inches of ground clearance on previous models.

With a load capacity of 1,100 pounds, the cart also features a new, larger, USA-made, heavy-duty polyethylene tub that holds 15 cubic feet of material. If you add wood side rails, it will hold over 17 cubic feet of material. Older models had 12 cubic feet.

New Carlisle 4-ply 15-inch tire option provides increased traction with minimal turf damage without noise or vibration. Improved tread compound increases tread life. Additionally, these tractor tires feature Run-Flat technology, which is a liquid polymer that instantly and permanently self-seals most punctures. So if you run over a nail or a deer shed, no more flats!

Click here to see our cool nail test https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqm_JyE4hLY

In addition to all of these great upgrades, the professional grade Stockman also features a thicker tow bar to receive straight couplers for 1 7/8 and 2 inch ball hitches more easily.

These updated designs, as well as legendary OXCART durability, allow the professional-grade Stockman Utility Cart to cut your job time in half.

Check out our gravel test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2JCcJEy7TQ&t=1s

Designed to make transporting and unloading large loads 90% easier than the typical cart, the professional-grade Stockman reduces physical strain, so you can get more done in half the time and with much less effort so you can focus in fun and not in work.

The Stockman PRO-Grade combines a rear offset shock pivot point for increased control. The swivel feature reduces recoil, allowing you to control the dump wherever you want.

The Stockman PRO-Grade is second to none thanks to the separately sold conversion kit accessory that converts the OXCART into a farm cart/wheelbarrow in seconds for use in yard and ground maintenance, livestock care, and yard work. preparation for the hunt.

Best of all, the Stockman PRO-Grade OXCART is made in the USA, while all others are made in China.

The Stockman PRO-Grade is ideal for building a patio or fence, planting trees, hauling gravel or earth materials, filling feeders, maintaining food plots, hauling hunting or game equipment, cleaning barns, moving firewood, clearing storm debris or any other job that requires heavy lifting.

Features at a glance:

  • Exclusive hydraulic lift assist ($50 value FREE) provides 250 lbs of upward force – makes handling (all) gravel, dirt, sand, pavers easier to turn and dump safely with less fatigue to finish before
  • New larger 15-17 cu. ft., corrosion-resistant polyethylene bucket that rotates (250 lbs. with power lift) 110° to reduce kickback; now increased dump angle to 62°
  • Load tested by an independent certificate to 1100 lbs.
  • Powder coated full square tube steel construction (ISO 9001 and FARO arm quality) – NASCAR mandrel bent axle mount for maximum strength – New thru-axle provides 12 inches of ground clearance
  • Carlisle 4-ply pneumatic tires for run-flat tractors with grease fittings to extend tire life
  • Attaches to any ATV, UTV, lawn mower with a pin hole hitch; CURT model 25153 straight tongue coupler item 205631619 (sold separately) is recommended mounts easily to 1-7/8 and 2-inch ball hitches and extends the overall swivel of your OXCART radio
  • Some parts pre-assembled, assemble in 15-20 minutes
  • Versatile – accessory kit (sold separately) turns OXCART into an agricultural-grade wheelbarrow (model # GTMS0202)
  • Building instructions included in manual to add wood rail extensions to build over 17 cubic feet
  • Proceeds from some products go to rehabilitation, education and research programs for people who are blind or visually impaired of all ages.

OXCART is much more than a utility cart.